Chemistry (CH)

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CH-941 Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids

The structure and function of DNA and RNA. Topics include bacterial, viral, and eukaryotic nucleic acids.

3 Credits

CH-942 Structure and Function of Proteins

The biochemistry of proteins. Particular emphasis is given to enzymes and the kinetics of enzyme-catalyzed reactions.

3 Credits

CH-943 Laboratory Techniques in Biochemistry

This course includes the isolation and characterization of biochemical compounds with emphasis on nucleic acids and proteins, including enzymes.

3 Credits

CH-990 Special Problems in Chemistry

A laboratory or library research project conducted in consultation with a faculty member.

3 Credits

CH-991 Directed Study

Designed for the student who wishes to undertake an individualized study in chemistry on a topic mutually agreeable to student and instructor.

1-4 Credits

CH-996 Internship: Chemistry

Research project completed at an institution other than Worcester State University by a student with a non-WSU sponsor and WSU liaison. Requires final written report.

3 Credits