Master of Arts in Spanish

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Program Coordinator: Dr. Antonio Guijarro-Donadios
Phone: 508-929-8619

Admission Requirements

General admission requirements for the Graduate School are located at and must be submitted with a research paper written in Spanish (approx. 4000). Please note that although the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is required, previous academic performance has more weight in the acceptance decision.

Applicants interested in the Master of Arts in Spanish program typically possess a B.A. in Spanish or related field.

Please contact Dr. Antonio Guijarro-Donadiós at for additional information.


Spanish Foundation Courses(6 credits)
SP-901Advanced Study:Special Topics3
SP-994Thesis Seminar/Comprehensive Exam (in Spanish)3
Spanish Concentration Courses(24 credits)
One course must be in Peninsular Culture, one in Latin American Culture, one in Latino Culture.9
Two courses must be in Peninsular Literature, two in Latin American Literature, and one in Latino Literature.15
Electives(6 credits)
Students may take graduate elective courses in Advanced Language, Civilization, Spanish for Professionals, Translation, or an Independent Study.6
Total Credits36

Graduate Spanish Courses

SP-901 Advanced Study:Special Topics

Special topics in language, literature, civilization or field work of mutual interest to student and instructor.

3 Credits

SP-923 History/Culture of Puerto Rico

An in-depth study of the country.

3 Credits

SP-924 The Latin Americans in US

Their origins, distribution, sociocultural organizations and attitudes. Special attention to the Spanish-speaking community of the area. Classes conducted in Spanish.

3 Credits

SP-925 Travel Study Course

Trip will be preceded by a seminar. Classes conducted in Spanish.

3 Credits

SP-926 Sem Intercul Estudio Hisp-Amer

A contrastive study of Hispanic and American culture and personality and survey of different methodologies to teach culture. Classes conducted in Spanish.

3 Credits

SP-930 Spanish Novel of 19-20th Cent

A study of the most representative novelists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in Spain. Classes conducted in Spanish.

3 Credits

SP-931 Spanish Civilization

A historical survey of Spanish social, cultural and political life.

3 Credits

SP-933 The Hispanic Presence in the United Stat

Sociocultural study of Hispanics in the United States with focus on major contemporary issues.

3 Credits

SP-935 A Sociocultural Study of Latin America

This course will focus on the encounter of cultures in Latin America, Amerindian, African, and Spanish from Pre-Columbian times to present.

3 Credits

SP-937 Projects & Issues in Spanish for the Professions

A close study of selected projects and bicultural issues for Spanish Professionals.

3 Credits

SP-940 Ind Study: Spanish

Study of a special topic. Both content and eligibility are subject to departmental guidelines and approval.

3 Credits

SP-941 Special Problems in Spanish

Content will vary in response to particular student and faculty interest.

3 Credits

SP-942 Introduction to Latin American Literature I

Study of selected texts produced in Latin American from the pre-Columbian era until the first wars of independence.

3 Credits

SP-945 The Poetry and Theatre of Spain's Golden Age

A comprehensive study of the poetry and theatre which flourished in Spain during the years 1500- 1650.

3 Credits

SP-949 Spanish-American Literature

Representative works by Spanish American authors from the colonial period to the present.

3 Credits

SP-955 Effective Teaching of a Foreign Language

Examines and evaluates effective teaching techniques in the Foreign Language classroom at the Middle and Secondary School levels.

3 Credits

SP-956 Theory & Practice of Translation

This course will focus on practical exercises as well as the sociolinguistics of translation.

3 Credits

SP-957 Topics in the History of the Spanish Language

Study of the more complex structures of Spanish grammar, with special attention to problems of language presentation and reception.

3 Credits

SP-994 Thesis Seminar/Comprehensive Exam

Students will work with faculty advisor(s) to design, implement, and evaluate a thesis that investigates a significant issue, or to prepare and take a Comprehensive Exam that evaluates the overall program coursework plus additional materials, if so desired, in order to complete the requirements for graduate work.

3 Credits

SP-997 Independent Study: Spanish

Study of a special topic of interest to the student. Both content and eligibility are subject to departmental guidelines and approval.

3 Credits