First-Year Seminar

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(3 credits) [FYS]

All first-time, first-year students and students transferring with fewer than 15 credits will be enrolled in and must complete a First-Year Seminar. The First-Year Seminar is a three-credit course taught exclusively to first-year students in a small seminar format. First-year seminars are listed with the department prefix, followed by the number 193 (xx 193). Any make-up of the First-Year Seminar requirement must be successfully completed within the first 60 credits of study.

First-Year Seminars:

  • Engage beginning college students and explore diverse topics that are more controversial or more narrowly focused than standard introductory courses.
  • Encourage students to apply the knowledge that they acquire to address specific problems and challenges within the University, the community, and the world.
  • Encourage students to be both active and reflective learners.
  • Include assignments or activities that orient students to and require the use of the library, educational technology, and standard methods of reference and citation,
  • Encourage students to participate in student life and community activities that are part of the first-year experience.
  • First-Year Seminars differ from other courses in that they have a limited enrollment, are designed for first-year students, and emphasize the academic tools necessary to ensure a successful Worcester State University experience.
AR-193First Year Seminar in Art3
BA-193Special Topics in Business First -Year Students3
BI-193First Year Seminar Biology3
CD-193Special Topics in Communication Sciences And Disorders for First-Year Students3
CH-193Special Topics in Chemistry for First Year Students3
CJ-193Special Topics for First-Year Students3
CM-193Special Topics in Communication for First Year Students3
CS-193Special Topics in Computer Science for First Year Students3
EC-193First Year Seminar Economics3
ED-193First Year Seminar Education3
EN-193First Year Seminar English3
FR-193Special Topics in French for First Year Students3
GE-193Special Topics in Geography for First- Year Students3
GS-193First Year Seminar in Geography3
HE-193First Year Seminar Health3
HI-193First Year Seminar History3
MA-193Special Topics in Math for First Year Students3
MU-193Special Topics in Music:First Year Students3
NU-193Special Topics in Nursing for First Year Students3
OT-193First Year Seminar: Occupational Therapy3
PH-193First Year Seminar Philosophy3
PO-193First Year Seminar Political Science3
PS-193Special Topics in Psychology for First Year Students3
PY-193First Year Seminar3
SO-193First Year Seminar Sociology3
SP-193First Year Seminar Spanish3
TH-193Special Topics in Theater:First-Year Students3
UR-193First Year Seminar Urban Studies3
VP-193Special Topics in Visual and Performing Arts: First-Year Students3