Human Behavior and Social Processes

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(3 credits) [HBS]

Students must complete one course.

Courses in this area:

  • Develop an understanding of how factors such as market forces, politics, demographics, physical environment, and culture affect individual behavior and thinking.
  • Examine political, economic, and social structures and the interplay between the individual and society.
  • Explore the ways in which the individual is an agent in shaping and understanding his or her own experiences.
  • Consider the ways in which individual and social roles and identities are socially constructed.
  • Show how the results of social research can be used to effect social change.
  • Teach the differences between and appropriate uses of qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Investigate the ways in which scientific inquiry is value-laden.
  • Help students understand the ways in which the various social sciences inform one another.
BI-111Social Biology3
BI-125Women in Science3
BT-101Introduction to Forensic Sciences4
CD-100Introduction to Human Communication and its Disorders3
CJ-215Art Crimes3
CM-100Intro to Mass Communication3
CM-103Survey of Radio and Television3
CM-180Introduction to Advertising3
CM-213Gender and the Media3
CM-240Principles of Public Relations Practices3
CM-384Media Criticism3
CM-400Advertising and Public Relations Research3
CM-405Mass Communication Research3
EC-110Introduction to Microeconomics3
EC-120Introduction to Macroeconomics3
ED-149Introduction to the Teaching Profession Middle/Secondary School3
ED-160Early Childhood Education Today3
ED-339Children's Literature: Multicultural Literature for PK-93
ET-100Introduction to Ethnic Studies3
GE-102Human Geography3
GE-110World Regional Geography I3
GE-111World Regional Geography II3
GE-250Urban Geography3
GE-285Sustainable Communities3
HE-220Mental Health Education3
HI-218US Constitutional History I3
HI-219US Constitutional History II3
HI-241English Constitutional History3
HI-334Environmental Crisis and Management in China3
HI-380American Foreign Policy Since the Cold War3
PB-200Introduction to Psychobiology4
PH-100Introduction to Philosophy3
PH-102History of Modern Western Philosophy 1600-18003
PH-130Ethics: Human Conduct & Values3
PH-131Medical Ethics3
PH-132Business Ethics3
PH-133Social and Political Ethics3
PH-150Women in Western Ideas3
PH-152Philosophy of Love and Sex3
PH-20119th Century European Philosophy3
PH-202Selected Topics: 20th-21st Century Western Philosophy3
PH-231Philosophy of Law3
PH-242Race, Nation, Class, Gender and Sexuality3
PH-254Feminist Theory3
PH-260Philosophy of Science3
PO-110American Government3
PO-120Global Politics3
PO-150Foundations of Legal Studies3
PO-213The Modern Presidency3
PO-215State and Local Government3
PO-216Political Parties and Interest Groups3
PO-217The U.S. Congress3
PO-218US Constitutional History I3
PO-219US Constitutional History II3
PO-220European Politics3
PO-221Asian Politics3
PO-222Latin American Politics3
PO-230Campaigns and Elections3
PO-241English Constitutional History3
PO-243City Politics3
PO-250Doing Political Science: an Introduction To Research Methodology3
PO-262Principles of US Public Policy3
PO-265Racial and Ethnic Politics3
PO-311Environmental Politics and Policy3
PO-312Health Politics and Policy3
PO-334Environmental Crisis and Management in China3
PO-380American Foreign Policy Since the Cold War3
PS-101General Psychology3
PS-210Developmental Psychology3
PS-365Cultural Psychology3
SO-100Introduction to Sociology3
SO-190Sport and Society3
SO-200Contemporary Social Problems3
SO-215Medical Sociology3
SO-220Sociology of the Family3
SO-235Music and Social Change3
SO-250Sociology of Religion3
SO-255Sociology of Disability3
SO-285Race, Class and Gender3
SO-295Sociology of Death & Dying3
SO-350Social Stratification3
SO-355Gender and Sexuality3
SO-425Global Development3
SO-435Introduction to Social Enterprise3
SP-293Health and the Latino Community3
UR-101Introduction to Urban Studies3
UR-103Introduction to Women's Studies3
UR-201Analysis of Urban Systems3
UR-216Woman and Aging in the Urban Enviroment3
UR-230Technology, Public Policy and Urban Society3
UR-240Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences3
UR-245Introduction to Survey Research Method For Social Science3
UR-290Gender and the City3
UR-311Urban Politics and Policies3
UR-331Crime and the City3
UR-380Public Policy and Cultural Diversity3