Individual and Community Well-being

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(3 credits) [ICW]

Students must complete one course.

Courses in this area:

  • Explore the growth and development of the individual and address the interconnected dimensions of well-being.
  • Study and evaluate the ways that the local, state, national, or private sectors frame and implement social policies, and the consequences of these policies for well-being.
  • Examine social structures and practices such as urban and rural development, planning, funding allocations, and legislative initiatives designed to secure the well-being of the community.
  • Examine the short- and long-term consequences of beliefs, behaviors, and policies that affect the well-being of individuals and communities.
  • Address the role of prevention strategies in promoting well-being.
CD-100Introduction to Human Communication and its Disorders3
CM-220Amazon Exp.: Oil, Media & Indigenous Sur3
CM-272News Reporting and Writing3
CM-354Opinion Writing3
EC-102Consumer Economics3
EC-104Personal Financial Planning3
EC-208Economics of Health Care3
ED-155Teaching and Learning in Elementary School3
ED-206Development and Learning of Typical and Atypical Children Birth to Age 83
ED-207The Adolescent in Schools & Society3
ED-271International and Comparative Education3
EN-272News Reporting and Writing I3
EN-322Community Writing3
EN-354Opinion Writing3
HC-202Introduction to Global Health3
HC-203Introduction to Epidemiology3
HC-340Global Perspective in Public Health3
HE-100Personal Health3
HE-120Health and Nutrition3
HE-220Mental Health Education3
HE-350Community Health Education3
HE-400Special Topics3
HI-290Health and Healing in America3
JO-101Introduction to Journalism3
LC-293Peer Mentoring3
NU-357Global Perspectives in Health3
PH-152Philosophy of Love and Sex3
PH-180Sports and Philosophy3
PH-225Philosophy of Language3
PO-312Health Politics and Policy3
SO-100Introduction to Sociology3
SO-215Medical Sociology3
SO-250Sociology of Religion3
SO-255Sociology of Disability3
SO-295Sociology of Death & Dying3
SO-355Gender and Sexuality3
SO-435Introduction to Social Enterprise3
SP-291Introduction to Medical Spanish3
SP-292Spanish for Women's Health3
SP-294Spanish for the Nutrition and Dietitian Professional3
SP-295The Human Body: Spanish for Anatomy3
TH-290Theatre for Young Audiences3
TH-292Applied Theatre and Community Engagement3
TH-348Stage Combat3
UR-103Introduction to Women's Studies3
UR-230Technology, Public Policy and Urban Society3
UR-250Introduction to Urban Planning3
UR-320Power and Urban Insecurity3