The United States and Its Role in the World

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(3 credits) [USW]

Students must complete one course.

Courses in this area:

  • Study cultures, histories, and social practices in the U.S., including consideration of the ways that differences in power affect different racial, ethnic, gender, and cultural groups as evidenced by readings, texts, testimony, and narratives.
  • Address issues of economic and political power that shape the U.S. and the world.
  • Trace the roots and development of U.S. political and economic institutions at home and around the globe.
  • Focus on particular aspects of U.S. culture and how understanding them helps to illuminate the larger context of U.S. society and its role in its world.
CM-272News Reporting and Writing3
EN-169Ethnic Literature in the U.S.3
EN-272News Reporting and Writing I3
EN-328Narratives of U.S. Immigration3
EN-345American Women Writers3
EN-347Studies in U.S. Ethnic Literature3
EN-370Antislavery Literature3
GE-285Sustainable Communities3
HI-111US History I3
HI-112US History II3
HI-201International Relations I3
HI-202International Relations II Globalization3
HI-203The United States Since 19453
HI-211History of US Foreign Policy I3
HI-212History of US Foreign Policy II3
HI-215History of American Thought3
HI-217US Social History3
HI-218US Constitutional History I3
HI-219US Constitutional History II3
HI-230Nicaragua, the US and the World3
HI-248Seminar on Globalization & Human Rights3
HI-263US-Middle East Relations3
HI-267US-Latin American Relations3
HI-285History of Baseball3
HI-300The Early National Period of the US: 1783-18293
HI-320Citizen Nation3
HI-345Religions in America3
HI-351Age of Jackson3
HI-356The History of the Cold War3
HI-366American Revolutionary Period3
HI-380American Foreign Policy Since the Cold War3
JO-101Introduction to Journalism3
PH-151Race, Gender, and the Law3
PH-163Philosophy on Television3
PH-178Africana Philosophy3
PH-231Philosophy of Law3
PH-240Political Theory3
PH-241Genocide and Human Rights3
PH-242Race, Nation, Class, Gender and Sexuality3
PH-251Mass Violence Against Women3
PH-254Feminist Theory3
PH-360Philosophy of History3
PO-110American Government3
PO-201International Relations I3
PO-202International Relations II: Globalization3
PO-211History of US Foreign Policy I3
PO-212History of US Foreign Policy II3
PO-213The Modern Presidency3
PO-215State and Local Government3
PO-218US Constitutional History I3
PO-219US Constitutional History II3
PO-264American Political Thought3
PO-265Racial and Ethnic Politics3
PO-320Citizen Nation3
PO-380American Foreign Policy Since the Cold War3
SO-190Sport and Society3
SO-228Latina-Latino Experiences in the U.S. and the World3
SP-323Advanced Spanish Conversation Through Film3
SP-333Hispanic Presence in US3
TH-270History of American Entertainment I3
TH-271History of American Entertainment II3
UR-101Introduction to Urban Studies3
UR-212American Metropolitan Evolution3
UR-380Public Policy and Cultural Diversity3