Writing Across the Curriculum

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(3 credits) [WAC]

Students must complete one Writing Across the Curriculum course after completing the writing requirement. Students may complete the WAC requirement in a language other than English. Placement at the 300-level in a language other than English will satisfy the prerequisite for WAC courses in that language. Courses in this area:

  • Require a variety of formal and informal writing assignments. Formal writing assignments may include traditional essays and research papers, case studies, process analyses, and reports on research findings. Informal writing assignments may include journals, lab notebooks, reading responses, and in-class essay examinations.
  • Offer students instruction in the conventions of writing for a particular discipline.
  • Assign writing of different lengths and different formats, for a minimum total of approximately 2500 words (or ten pages) during the course of the semester.
  • Provide opportunities for revision.
  • Incorporate clear explanations of assignments and various approaches to instruction such as workshops, individual conferences with the instructor, and/or assignment criteria handouts.
  • Offer different types of feedback, such as traditional grading and evaluation, peer review groups, self-assessment, and writing center sessions.
AR-118Global Art History3
AR-160Sculpture I3
AR-165Creating Cultural Forms3
AR-225Art Since Mid-20th Century3
AR-2353D Sculpture Studio3
AR-270Driftwood to Dumpsters3
AR-405Thesis Seminar3
BA-390Business and Social Research Methods3
BA-470Current Issues in Finance and Business Administration3
BI-119Biology of Sex3
BI-202Principles of Ecology4
CD-301Directed Observations2
CD-401Advanced Directed Observations2
CH-210Chemical Analysis: an Introduction to Modern Methods5
CM-200Writing for Communication3
CM-213Gender and the Media3
CM-268Journalism: Feature Writing3
CM-270Journalism: Editing3
CM-272News Reporting and Writing3
CM-351News Reporting and Writing II3
CM-352Practicum in Journalism3
CM-353Narrative Journalism3
CM-354Opinion Writing3
CM-384Media Criticism3
CM-405Mass Communication Research3
EC-208Economics of Health Care3
ED-214Emergent Literacy3
ED-251Principles of Curriculum, Instruction And Assessment in Middle and High School3
ED-275Curr/Instr in Elementary Ed3
ED-353Assessment, Adjustment to Practice, and Classroom Management in the Secondary School3
ED-354Assessment, Adjustment to Practice, and Classroom Management in the Middle School3
EN-107Journalism and Democracy3
EN-168Film and Literature3
EN-172Women and Literature3
EN-173Baseball: America's Literary Pastime3
EN-174Women Poets3
EN-180Kerouac, Ginsberg, and the Beats3
EN-207The Writer's Life3
EN-214Introduction to Digital Humanities3
EN-250Creative Thinking and Critical Writing3
EN-252Technical Writing3
EN-253Business Communications3
EN-255Methods of Literary Study3
EN-257The Power of Memoir3
EN-266Journalism: Practice and Techniques3
EN-267Journalism: Advanced Newswriting3
EN-268Journalism: Feature Writing3
EN-269Journalism: Interpretive Reporting3
EN-270Journalism: Editing3
EN-271Journalism Workshop3
EN-272News Reporting and Writing I3
EN-281Writing for Digital Environments3
EN-320Victorian Literature3
EN-322Community Writing3
EN-328Narratives of U.S. Immigration3
EN-341Advanced Practices in Writing3
EN-342The American Novel I3
EN-351News Reporting and Writing II3
EN-352Practicum in Journalism3
EN-353Narrative Journalism3
EN-354Opinion Writing3
EN-364Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama3
EN-370Antislavery Literature3
EV-130Environmental Problems and Solutions3
EV-202Principles of Ecology4
EV-202Principles of Ecology4
EV-210Chemical Analysis: an Introduction to Modern Methods5
EV-370Lakes & Environmental Change4
FR-321Advanced French Composition I3
GS-365Climate Change Over Earth History3
GS-370Lakes & Environmental Change4
HC-425Research Seminar3
HC-450Practicum: Community Health3-6
HE-240Writing and Learning From Experience I3
HE-440Practicum in Health3
HI-201International Relations I3
HI-202International Relations II Globalization3
HI-203The United States Since 19453
HI-204History of Science and Technology3
HI-215History of American Thought3
HI-217US Social History3
HI-224English History I3
HI-225English History II3
HI-262Middle East History Il: The Ottoman Empire, 1289-19203
HI-267US-Latin American Relations3
HI-290Health and Healing in America3
HI-320Citizen Nation3
HI-345Religions in America3
HI-460Senior Research Seminar in History3
HI-470Senior Thesis in History3
JO-101Introduction to Journalism3
JO-201Multimedia Journalism3
LC-293Peer Mentoring3
MA-470Capstone Experience3
NU-332Transition to Professional Nursing3
NU-340Nursing Science II9
NU-450Leadership in Nursing3
PO-201International Relations I3
PO-202International Relations II: Globalization3
PO-320Citizen Nation3
PO-401Senior Research Seminar in Political Science3
PS-276Research Methods3
PS-307Applied Research Methods3
PS-345Cognitive Psychology3
PS-365Cultural Psychology3
PY-112Physics in Art4
SO-350Social Stratification3
SO-425Global Development3
SO-435Introduction to Social Enterprise3
SP-321Advanced Spanish Composition I3
SP-322Advanced Spanish Composition II3
TH-455Theatre Capstone3
UR-212American Metropolitan Evolution3
UR-216Woman and Aging in the Urban Enviroment3
UR-230Technology, Public Policy and Urban Society3
UR-240Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences3
UR-290Gender and the City3
VP-400Arts Capstone/Senior Thesis3
VP-455Arts Capstone/Senior Thesis3