Accelerated Pharmacy Program with Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science

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Worcester State University (WSU) and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science (MCPHS) have a formal affiliation agreement that admits students into an articulated program that begins with three years at WSU in one of three science tracks: Biology, Biotechnology, or Chemistry, and concludes with the three-year accelerated Doctor of Pharmacy program on MCPHS's Worcester or Manchester (NH) campus. After successfully completing the first-year of required coursework in the PharmD program at MCPHS, students will earn a Bachelor of Science degree from WSU. The first three years at WSU offer a blend of liberal arts and sciences that meet both the MCPHS general education curriculum requirements and the specific science track requirements at WSU. MCPHS provides the coursework needed for the student to earn the Bachelor of Science degree from WSU at the end of the first-year of professional study, as well as the professional education required to earn the Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the end of three years at MCPHS.

MCPHS shall accept up to ten (10) qualified WSU students each year into the first-year of the Pharmacy Program. If more than 10 students meet the established requirements and wish to transfer under the terms of this Agreement, the 10 students determined by the MCPHS Worcester/Manchester Pharmacy Admissions Committees to be the best qualified will be assured transfer admission, with the remaining students accepted on a space available basis.

Students who qualify (at the end of three years at WSU) for the Accelerated Pharmacy Program with MCPHS must:

  • have at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average (on a scale of 4.0)
  • be full-time students at WSU for the three pre-pharmacy years and follow one of the approved curricula
  • have no grades below C (not C-)
  • have no course repeats
  • have all courses completed at WSU
  • obtain a TOEFL score of at least 213 if English is a second language.

****Students taking a reduced load for two or more semesters will be in violation of the terms of the Agreement and may lose their right to enroll in the PharmD program.

****Students who transfer to WSU from another college are not eligible for this program but can apply to MCPHS via the traditional application process.

Students applying to the MCPHS Accelerated Pharmacy Program must:

  • Declare by November 1 of their third year at WSU their intent to transfer to MCPHS as a first-year Pharmacy Program student the subsequent Fall term.
  • Complete an application to MCPHS via the Pharm CAS System by November 1.
  • Notify both the WSU pre-pharmacy advisor and the MCPHS Office of Admission on the Worcester campus by November 1 of their third year at WSU. Students must indicate their first and second choice of MCPHS campus (Worcester or Manchester).
  • Send the completed application to the MCPHS Office of Admission on the Worcester campus by February 1 of their third year at WSU.
  • Complete a successful pre-admission interview, conducted by MCPHS at the campus to which the student intends to transfer.