Professors Emeriti

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Helen G. Agbay, Spanish (1974)

Dr. Joshua U. Aisiku, Education (2009)

Dr. Francisco Alcala, Spanish (1996)

Dr. M. June Allard, Psychology (2005)

Francis I. Amory, Urban Studies (2009)

Dr. Eleanor Ashton, Psychology (2004)

Charles D. Avedikian, Mathematics and Computer Science (1990)

James R. Ayer, Languages and Literature (2000)

Nora M. Barraford, English (1984)

William A. Belanger, Earth Environment and Physics (2016)

Dr. Andrea Bilics, Occupational Therapy (2015)

Dr. Elizabeth T. Binstock, Education (2002)

Dr. Richard C. Bisk, Mathematics (2015)

Dr. Lynn G. Bloomberg, Health Sciences (2016)

Dr. Edwin A. Boger, Biology (2000)

Dr. Arnold J. Bornfriend, Business Administration and Economics (2000)

Dr. Margaret P. Bouchard, Education (2016)

Dr. Peter M. Bradley, Biology (2016)

Jacqueline R. Brennan, Occupational Therapy (2017)

Betsey J. Brenneman, Library (2016)

Dr. Nancy Brewer, Health Sciences (2012)

Francis L. Brooker, Sociology (2012)

Dr. Anne M. Brown, Nursing (2002)

Dr. Josefina S. Bunuan, Education (1999)

Michael A. Burke, Health Sciences (1998)

Dr. Philip J. Burns, English (2013)

William Byers, Communications (2002)

Dr. Jean A. Campaniello, Psychology (2002)

Dr. Doris M. Carter, Visual and Performing Arts (1998)

Jacqueline G. Casale, Art (1991)

Dr. Jennie M. Celona, French (1996)

Louis J. Celona, Music (1992)

Dr. Harold L. Chapman, Physics (1988)

Carol Chauvin-Fortier, Biology (1993)

Dr. Yvonne Chen, Health Sciences (2001)

Dr. Kee Il Choi, Business Administration and Economics (1992)

Anna B. Cohen, Communication Disorders (1999)

Bruce C. Cohen, History and Political Science (2016)

Dr. Alan D. Cooper, Chemistry (2014)

Phyllis A. Crowley, English (1996)

Dr. Joyce Cummings, Psychology (2002)

Philip S. Dalton, History and Political Science (2000)

Aldona Daly-Boxshus, Psychology (1995)

Krishna DasGupta, Library (2011)

Dr. Paul Davis, Media Arts and Philosophy (1992)

Vincent R. DeBenedictis, Foreign Languages (1990)

Clement S. Delaney, History and Political Science (2008)

Dr. Barbara A. Desrosiers, Psychology (1998)

Daniel E. Dick, Natural and Earth Sciences (1989)

Vera M. Dowden Baldwin, Education (1974)

Dr. John R. Dowling, Education (1998)

Helen B. Duquette, Physical Education (1992)

Francis T. Dyson, Physical Education (1993)

Alfred F. Eddy, English (1990)

Dr. Guillermina Elissondo, World Languages (2016)

Robert P. Ellis, English (1995)

Dr. Leonard F. Farrey, Business Administration and Economics (2002)

Dr. Arthur Ferguson, Chemistry (2006)

Dr. James E. Foley, English (2016)

Dr. Vivian C. Fox, History and Political Science (2004)

Florence Fraumeni, Education (1985)

Dr. Linda Fuller, Communications (2000)

Yvonne Gallant-Martel, French (1977)

Dr. Geoffrey J. Garrett, Physical and Earth Science (2004)

Dr. C. Kenneth Gibbs, English (2010)

Dr. Barbara A. Giguere, Nursing (2018)

James E. Girouard, Physical Education (1985)

Bernard Goldsmith, History and Political Science (1995)

Dr. Merrill H. Goldwyn, Languages and Literature (1998)

Dr. John Goodchild, Chemistry (2013)

Dr. Linda S. Gordon, Languages and Literature (2003)

Loren N. Gould, Natural and Earth Sciences (1993)

Dr. Terry E. Graham, Biology (2003)

Emmet J. Grandone, Languages and Literature (1998)

Ruth E. Greenslit, Library (1989)

Dr. Ruth Haber, English (2015)

Sandra A. Hall, Nursing (2002)

Dr. Nancy E. Harris, Education (1999)

Dr. Margaret D. Hart, Occupational Therapy (2016)

Dr. Robert J. Hartwig, Business Administration and Economics (2004)

Mary T. Hayes, Education (1974)

Bruce Henry, Mathematics and Computer Science (2001)

Mary Ellen Herx, English (1989)

Dr. Nancy Hicks, Physical and Earth Science (2005)

Dr. W. Mack Hill, Mathematics (2004)

David W. Hilton, Computer Science (1999)

Dr. Donald D. Hochstetler, Library (2012)

Paul A. Holle, Biology (1989)

Richard G. Hunt, Physical and Earth Science (2007)

Ronald W. Hurd, Physical and Earth Science (2004)

Dr. Renuka Jain, Business Administration and Economics (2017)

Marion J. Jennings, Education (1978)

Alfred C. Johnson, Mathematics (2004)

Jean E. Johnson, English (1990)

Nancy A. Johnson, Education (1995)

Dr. Joline N. Jones-Matheson, Psychology (2006)

Dr. Donna M. Joss, Occupational Therapy (2004)

Dr. Donald L. Joyal, Business Administration and Economics (2008)

Dr. Joan K. Juralewicz, Education (2002)

Dr. Richard S. Juralewicz, Business Administration and Economics (2001)

Robert G. Kane, History (1999)

George T. Kelley, Economics (1997)

Robert F. Kelley, Physics (1988)

Dr. Baheej B. Khleif, Sociology (1994)

Dr. Richard K. Kimball, Psychology (2016)

Margaret A. Kittredge, Spanish (1995)

Sandra Kocher, Art (1992)

Dr. Ellen V. Kosmer, Visual and Performing Arts (2004)

Marshall J. Kotzen, Mathematics (2013)

Jerome L. Langer, Business Administration and Economics (1982)

Edward H. Leonard, Physics (1984)

Robert E. Lingner, Physical and Earth Science (2005)

Dr. Mary Lou Lovering, Nursing (2000)

Dr. Augustus N. Luparelli, Business Administration and Economics (2014)

Dr. Carol E. Lysaght, Communication Disorders (1996)

Alison K. Majeau, Library (2016)

Dr. Gordon S. Matheson, Psychology (2004)

Gary W. McEachern, Business Administration and Economics (1998)

Bernard L. McGough, Media (1994)

Robert F. McGraw, History (1991)

Pamela McKay, Library (2013)

John F. McLaughlin, Communication Disorders (1996)

Catherine McNeil, Occupational Therapy (2013)

Dr. Mary Ellen Meegan, Education (2009)

Dr. Melvin Merken, Chemistry (2010)

Michel D. Merle, Visual and Performing Arts (2005)

Frank S. Minasian, History and Political Science (2016)

Dr. A.Gibbs Mitchell, History and Political Science (1996)

John P. Mockler, Physical Education (1992)

Dennis P. Moore, Business Administration and Economics (2012)

Dr. Pearl Mosher-Ashley, Psychology (2011)

Michael E. Mulcahy, Mathematics (2005)

Dr. John M. Nash, Psychology (1993)

Dr. Virginia Ogozalek, Computer Science (2003)

Dr. Juan Orbe, Spanish (2014)

Dr. Chad C. Osborne, Education (2002)

Dr. Ruth Ostenson, Psychology (2002)

Francis J. O’Connor, Spanish (1980)

Dr. Patrick O’Connor, Education (2016)

Richard A. O’Connor, Psychology (1994)

Paul F. O’Neil, Education (1997)

Dr. Surindar Paracer, Biology (2013)

Dr. Robert F. Perry, Geography (1987)

Dr. Robert J. Perry, Mathematics (2008)

Vincent Piccolo, Media Arts (1988)

Dr. Frank C. Pizziferri, Sociology (1995)

Dr. Maryann C. Power, Communication Sciences and Disorders (2011)

Dr. Maureen E. Power, Urban Studies (2016)

Dr. Vincent E. Powers, Urban Studies (2000)

Catherine I. Quint, Education (1985)

Dr. David Quist, Education (2003)

Dr. Donald A. Read, Health Sciences (2001)

Dr. Robert Redding, Mathematics (2004)

Dr. Susan V. Rezen, Communication Sciences and Disorders (2008)

Gerald Robbins, Philosophy (2007)

Dr. Jeffrey L. Roberts, Languages and Literature (2001)

Dr. Thomas L. Roberts, Biology (1988)

Evelyn Robinson, Mathematics (1978)

Dr. Helen M. Rogers, Nursing (2006)

Bruce D. Russell, Biology (2003)

Dion Schaff, Philosophy (1993)

Dr. Courtney Schlosser, Philosophy (2013)

Helena Semerjian, Health Sciences (2016)

Robert L. Shafner, Business Administration and Economics (2010)

Dr. Maureen D. Shamgochian, Biology (2016)

Dr. Daniel C. Shartin, Philosophy (2018)

Helen G. Shaughnessy, Education (1986)

Dr. Ann Marie Shea, Visual and Performing Arts (2005)

Dr. Emmett A. Shea, History and Political Science (2012)

Dr. Katherine M. Shea, Foreign Languages (1991)

Dr. Robert M. Spector, History and Political Science (2008)

Dr. Maureen C. Stefanini, Business Administration and Economics (2016)

William L. Sullivan, English (1983)

James J. Swanson, Business Administration and Economics (2015)

Dr. Antonieto S. Tan, Biology (2018)

Dr. Elaine G. Tateronis, Dean School of Education Health and Natural Sciences (2012)

G. Flint Taylor, Psychology (1985)

Robert W. Thompson, Physical and Earth Science (2005)

Anthony W. Thurston, Biology (1983)

Dr. Donald F. Traub, Philosophy (1998)

F. Stephen Trimby, Business Administration and Economics (2004)

David J. Twiss, History and Political Science (2015)

Richard S. Tyrell, English (1994)

Dr. Andrea J. Wallen, Nursing (2011)

LLoyd P. Wheaton, Chemistry (2002)

Dr. James R. Wicka, Communication Sciences and Disorders (2006)

Dr. Audrey E. Wright, Education (2016)

Dr. Gary G. Young, Business Administration and Economics (2002)

Dr. Cheng Yuan, History and Political Science (2000)

Dr. Barbara Zang, Communication (2018)

Dr. Manuel Zax, Mathematics (1992)

Faith T. Zeadey, Sociology (2003)

Matthew Zelman, Sociology (2004)

Dr. Estelle C. Zoll-Resnik, Chemistry (1997)