Major in Computer Science, Concentration in Bioinformatics

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The purpose of this interdisciplinary concentration is to prepare Computer Science students to enter science-intensive fields of bioinformatics, computational biology, computational chemistry, and molecular modeling including genomics and proteomics. With the advent of the Human Genome Project, an explosion of genomics information has occurred and databases such as GenBank and EMBL have grown at a rate that now requires storage, organizing, and indexing of the information.

Questions of gene expression have led to computational biology, the process of analyzing genomic sequences and to the field of proteomics, the understanding of protein structure and function. The information obtained by computational biology and computational chemistry is used in the design of new drugs to treat a variety of diseases. Major drug and biotechnology companies are seeking people trained in bioinformatics.

Requirements for the Major in Computer Science, Concentration in Bioinformatics

In addition to the requirements for the Major in Computer Science:

Core Courses(38 credits)
CS-101Basics of Computer Science3
CS-140Introduction to Programming4
CS-155Computer Networking and Security3
CS-225Discrete Structures I3
CS-242Data Structures3
CS-248Algorithm Analysis3
CS-254Computer Organization and Architecture4
CS-282Unix Systems Programming3
CS-286Database Design and Applications3
CS-295Discrete Structures II3
CS-348Software Process Management3
CS-373Operating Systems3
Elective Courses(3 credits)
Credits in Computer Science courses at the 300 level or above 13
Required CS Concentration(9 credits)
One of the CS Concerntration (Big Data Analytics or Sofware Development) 9
Ancillary Requirements 2(31 credits)
CM-110Public Speaking3
EN-252Technical Writing3
UR-230Technology, Public Policy and Urban Society3
MA-150Statistics I 33
or MA-302 Probability and Statistics
MA-200Calculus I4
2 lab science courses8
2 approved math or science course chosen from a department-approved list of courses 47
Concentration in Bioinformatics(30-141 credits)
BI-141Intro to Cellular and Molecular Biology4
CH-120General Chemistry I 54
CH-121General Chemistry II 54
MA-201Calculus II 74
CS-353Information Organization, Management, and Retrieval3
MA-303Mathematical Modeling3
Select one of the following:4
Developmental Biology 8
Molecular Biology 8
Virology 8
Biochemistry I 8
Total CreditsUp to 111