Women’s Studies

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Women’s Studies Concentration

Elena Cuffari, Program Area Chair 

Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary, academic course of study which lies at the intersection of the traditional academic disciplines such as literature, history, and philosophy in the humanities; psychology and sociology in the social sciences; and biology and geography in the natural sciences. Women’s Studies also has found a prominent place in areas such as education, communications, urban studies, and health sciences. Wherever gender issues are germane to a discipline, Women’s Studies can be found, in part as a corrective to the centuries-long tendency of the traditional disciplines to focus mainly or exclusively on men and in part to bring new models of understanding to all areas of study.

The undergraduate concentration in Women’s Studies brings together courses that focus on women and provides a critical analysis of gender and the related categories of class, race, and other dimensions of social power. Gaining knowledge about women and men and understanding knowledge generated by Women's Studies helps students to move through a complex contemporary world.


Requirements for a Concentration in Women’s Studies: 15 credits

The Women’s Studies concentration is interdisciplinary; it uses a broad variety of academic disciplines in achieving its goals. Students are required to take a total of five Women’s Studies courses from at least two disciplines. It is recommended that students take an introductory course such as WO/UR-103 or WO/PH-150. Students are also encouraged to engage in some sort of specialized experience such as an independent study, a directed readings course leading to a major paper, a creative project or an internship. Students in Women’s Studies may use courses to simultaneously count for a concentration in Women’s Studies and other Worcester State University requirements.

Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary program drawing from the faculty of all departments at Worcester State University. Each faculty member's information can be found at the respective department for each of the courses.


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