Diversity Across the Curriculum

(3 credits) [DAC]

Students must complete one Diversity Across the Curriculum course.

Courses in this area:

  • Study historical experiences, cultural patterns, and social advantages and disadvantages of different groups within the society.
  • Explore social problems such as racism, prejudice, discrimination, and exploitation as both mainstream and non-mainstream groups experience them.
  • Examine the diversity within each group's experience and how such experiences are dynamic and continuously changing.
  • Help students develop a sound knowledge of the methods of thinking about issues of diversity, particularly the ability to distinguish facts from interpretations and opinions.
  • Include materials written by as well as about persons from diverse groups.
  • Develop an appreciation/respect for members of diverse groups.
  • Demonstrate how to communicate culture-specific and/or culture-general ways with diverse groups in various contexts.
AR-112World Art Survey I3
AR-113World Art Survey II3
AR-118Global Art History3
AR-140Drawing Fundamentals3
AR-165Creating Cultural Forms3
AR-225Art Since Mid-20th Century3
CD-400Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation3
CM-213Gender and the Media3
CM-384Media Criticism3
ED-120The Educational Experience Through Memoirs3
ED-206Young Children, Lerning and Special Needs3
ED-270Diversity & Multicultural Ed3
ED-304Best Practices for English Language Learners3
ED-339Children's Literature: Multicultural Literature for PK-93
EN-132World Literature3
EN-167Literature and Human Rights3
EN-169Ethnic Literature in the U.S.3
EN-170Search for Identity3
EN-345American Women Writers3
EN-370Antislavery Literature3
ET-100Introduction to Ethnic Studies3
FR-341Introduction to French Literature3
GE-255Geography of Africa3
GL/ED-339Children's Literature: Multicultural Literature for PK-93
GL/EN-132World Literature: Survey of Asian, African and Latin American Literature3
GL/EN-167Literature and Human Rights3
GL/EN-169Ethnic Literature in the U.S.3
GL/HC-202Introduction to Global Health3
GL/HI-214Modern Latin America3
GL/HI-230Nicaragua, the US and the World3
GL/HI-248Seminar on Globalization and Human Rights3
GL/HI-267US-Latin American Relations3
GL/PH-150Women in Western Ideas3
GL/PH-177Introduction to Latin American Philosophy3
GL/SP-332The Hispanic World Today3
GL/UR-353Aging in a Global Society3
HC-202Introduction to Global Health3
HE-350Community Health Education3
HI-203The United States Since 19453
HI-214Modern Latin America3
HI-215History of American Thought3
HI-217US Social History3
HI-230Nicaragua, the US and the World3
HI-248Seminar on Globalization & Human Rights3
HI-267US-Latin American Relations3
HI-274Sex, Marriage and the Family3
HI-285History of Baseball3
HI-31420th Century Middle East History3
HI-320Citizen Nation3
HI-345Religions in America3
MU-222African Drumming3
NU-340Nursing Science II9
NU-344Nursing Science II7
NU-432Advanced Nursing Perspectives in Chronic Illness3
PH-133Social and Political Ethics3
PH-150Women in Western Ideas3
PH-152Philosophy of Love and Sex3
PH-177Introduction to Latin American Philosophy3
PH-178Africana Philosophy3
PH-231Philosophy of Law3
PO-243City Politics3
PO-264American Political Thought3
PO-265Racial and Ethnic Politics3
PO-320Citizen Nation3
SO-190Sport and Society3
SO-228Latina-Latino Experiences in the U.S. and the World3
SO-250Sociology of Religion3
SO-255Sociology of Disability3
SO-285Race, Class and Gender3
SO-295Sociology of Death & Dying3
SO-350Social Stratification3
SO-355Gender and Sexuality3
SP-191Special Topics in Spanish3
SP-292Spanish for Women's Health3
SP-332The Hispanic World Today3
TH-126Script Analysis3
TH-237History of Theatre II3
TH-290Theatre for Young Audiences3
UR-103Introduction to Women's Studies3
UR-353Aging in a Global Society3
VP-200Critical Thinking in the Arts3
WO/CM-213Gender and the Media3
WO/ED-339Childern's Literature: Multicultural Literature for Pk-93
WO/EN-132World Lit: Asian, African, Latin American3
WO/EN-167Literature and Human Rights3
WO/FR-341Introduction to French Literature3
WO/HI-217US Social History3
WO/HI-230Nicaragua, the US and the World3
WO/HI-274Sex, Marriage and the Family3
WO/HI-320Citizen Nation3
WO/NU-340Nursing Science II4.5
WO/PH-150Women in Western Ideas3
WO/PO-320Citizen Nation3
WO/SO-285Race, Class and Gender3
WO/SO-355Gender and Sexuality3
WO/UR-103Introduction to Women's Studies3
WO/UR-353Aging in a Global Society3