Global Studies/Biology (GL/BI)

GL/BI-112 Diseases and Mankind

LASC Categories: NSP, GP

Diseases of ancient and modern man; the impact on history, religion, science, art and philosophy.

3 Credits

GL/BI-114 Plants and Human Affairs

LASC Categories: GP, NSP

Man's dependence upon plants and their influence on civilization and its art, religions, literature, folklore, medicine, and human behavior.

3 Credits

GL/BI-199 Selected Topics in Biological Sciences

Each topic is a lecture and/or laboratory course in a selected area of the biological sciences presented by a departmental instructor. Topics will be announced in advance.

1-4 Credits

GL/BI-202 Principles of Ecology

LASC Categories: NLL, WAC

Prerequisites: BI-106 or BI-140, one course from MA-110 MA-180 MA-150 MA-190 or MA-200 and EN-102, EN-202, or EN-250

Basic ecological theory relating to organism-environment interactions; population dynamics, and ecosystems. Three hours of lecture and a three-hour laboratory per week.

4 Credits