Global Studies/French (GL/FR)

GL/FR-191 Special Topics in French

An introductory level course in French on current or specialized topics.

3 Credits

GL/FR-210 Intermediate French I

LASC Categories: TLC, GP

Prerequisites: FR-102

Review of fundamentals and presentation of more comlpex grammatical features; development of conversational skills; selected readings, written and oral composition.

3 Credits

GL/FR-211 Intermediate French II

LASC Categories: TLC, GP

Continuation of FR 210.

3 Credits

GL/FR-321 Advanced French Composition

LASC Categories: TLC, WAC

Prerequisites: EN-102 or EN-250 or EN-202

Practice in diverse composition styles as well as review of grammar, and introduction to reading French texts. Conducted in French. [Prerequisite: Two 200-level French courses.]

3 Credits

GL/FR-323 Advanced French Conversation

LASC Categories: TLC

Prerequisites: 2 courses From Subject FR; From Levels 200 300 400;

Pronunciation and comprehension exercises, discussions, practice in paragraph, essay and letter writing.

3 Credits

GL/FR-346 Twentieth Century French Literature

LASC Categories: GP, TLC

Prerequisites: 2 courses From Subjects FR; From Levels 200;

Major novelists, dramatists, and poets from the turn of the century to the present. Conducted in French.

3 Credits