Global Studies/Geography (GL/GE)

GL/GE-102 Human Geography

LASC Categories: HBS, GP

Introduction to human geography, emphasizing globalization, human-environment relations, and other processes of change. Spatial patterns and spatial interaction in human activities, including population, development, economics, politics, urbanization and culture.

3 Credits

GL/GE-110 World Regional Geography I

LASC Categories: GP, HBS

This survey examines characteristics of land and peoples of Europe and Asia.

3 Credits

GL/GE-111 World Regional Geography II

LASC Categories: GP, HBS

Analysis of the physical, cultural and economic regions of Africa, Oceania and the Americas.

3 Credits

GL/GE-255 Geography of Africa

Prerequisites: one of the following: GE-102, GL/GE-102, GE-111, GL/GE-111, GL-150, SO-100, SO-110, UR-101.

Anaylsis of the physical and human geography of Africa.

3 Credits

GL/GE-258 Global Environmental Change

Prerequisites: one course from GE-102, GL/GE-102, GS-101, GS-150 NS-150 and UR-101 or CH-106

Introduction to the science, political economy and ethics of global environmental change.

3 Credits

GL/GE-285 Sustainable Communities

LASC Categories: HBS, USW

Prerequisites: one of the following: GE-102, GL/GE-102, GL-150, EC-110, EC-120.

Exploration of changes in US and global economic landscape, 1970 to present. Approaches to sustainable economic development.

3 Credits

GL/GE-308 Environment and Development

Prerequisites: GE-258.

The global ecology of rich and poor environmental implications of poverty, economic development, mass consumption, globalization and demographic change.

3 Credits

GL/GE-312 Sustainable Food Systems

Prerequisites: GE-102 and one 200 level course from subjects GE GS SO UR

Overview of the structure, evolution, costs and benefits of the global food system. Exploration of local and global alternatives.

3 Credits

GL/GE-360 Geography of the Middle East

Prerequisites: GE-102

The Middle East: geography, society, economics and political structure.

3 Credits