Global Studies/Philosophy (GL/PH)

GL/PH-150 Women in Western Ideas

LASC Categories: HBS, TLC, DAC

Investigates the concept of woman from ancient Greece to the present.

3 Credits

GL/PH-170 Ancient Chinese Philosophies in a Cultural Perspective

LASC Categories: GP, TLC

Ancient Chinese philosophies of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and neo-Confucianism in the context of contemporary developments in China; Communism, capitalism, and Western influences considered.

Every year. 3 Credits

GL/PH-172 Asian Philosophies and Contemporary Perspectives

LASC Categories: GP

Studies the philosophies of India, China, Japan, and the vitality of ancient traditions in a time of cultural change: Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Jainism,Hinduism and Islam.

3 Credits

GL/PH-177 Introduction to Latin American Philosophy

LASC Categories: TLC, DAC, GP

An introduction to current and longstanding debates within Latin American philosophy.

3 Credits

GL/PH-230 Religious Philosophies, East and West

An examination of the major religious systems, both oriental and occidental.

3 Credits

GL/PH-241 Genocide and Human Rights

LASC Categories: GP, USW

This course treats the ethical, political, and other dimensions of systematic mass violence through case studies and general theoretical analyses.

3 Credits

GL/PH-250 Global Feminism

LASC Categories: TLC, GP

Investigates the theoretical underpinnings of women's movements for equal rights around the globe.

3 Credits

GL/PH-251 Mass Violence Against Women

LASC Categories: USW, GP

A philosophy-based, interdisciplinary course examining historical and contemporary mass violence against women.

3 Credits

GL/PH-290 Advanced Special Topics in Philosophy

A treatment of current or special topics for students beyond the introductory level.

Every year. 3 Credits