Global Studies/Sociology (GL/SO)

GL/SO-110 Cultural Anthropology

Cross cultural analysis of the human capacity, for adaptation and technological and ideological development. Significant field studies will be examined.

3 Credits

GL/SO-199 Special Topics

Prerequisites: SO-100

Introductory level topics. Topic announced at pre-registration.

3 Credits

GL/SO-270 Social Theory I

Prerequisites: SO-100

Fundamental concepts and intellectual traditions, especially the contributions of Comte, Spencer, Marx, Toennes, Durkheim, and Simmel.

3 Credits

GL/SO-299 Special Topics: Sociology

Prerequisites: SO-100.

Intermediate level topics. Topic announced at pre-registration.

3 Credits

GL/SO-420 Seminar in Sociology

Advanced study topics in selected areas of sociology; announcement made at pre-registration time.

1-3 Credits

GL/SO-425 Global Development

LASC Categories: GP, HBS, WAC

Prerequisites: EN-102

This course gives an overview of the field of development and processes of development and underdevelopment in developing countries.

3 Credits