Global Studies/Urban Studies (GL/UR)

GL/UR-191 Special Topics

This introductory course will cover topics in Urban Studies which are of special interest to first-year students.

3 Credits

GL/UR-201 Analysis of Urban Systems

LASC Categories: HBS

3 Credits

GL/UR-213 Human Identity and Urban Environment

Prerequisites: UR-101.

Study of factors affecting identity in contempory urban settings including race, ethnicity, class, age, and sex categories and roles.

3 Credits

GL/UR-290 Gender and the City

LASC Categories: WAC, GP, HBS

Prerequisites: EN-102

Exploration of ways in which gender, both male and frmale, structures responses of individuals to urban life and spaces.

3 Credits

GL/UR-353 Aging in a Global Society

LASC Categories: GP, DAC

Explores the ramification of unrelenting Global Aging, focusing on the questions, what are old people for and the connections across generations

3 Credits

GL/UR-421 Selected Topics: Urban Studies

Prerequisites: UR-101

In-depth examination of topical issues challenging the intellectual and creative interests of advanced students in urban studies.

3 Credits

GL/UR-422 Selected Topics: Gerontology

In-depth examination of topical issues in gerontology which afford the advanced student the opportunity to pursue gerontological research.

3 Credits

GL/UR-440 Practicum in Urban Studies

Prerequisites: UR-101

Directed experiential study for advanced students.

1-3 Credits