Women's Studies/Education (WO/ED)

WO/ED-330 Elementary Social Studies and Multiculturalism

Goals, curriculum, skills, issues, teaching strategies in educating diverse populations in a global context. Prerequiste: Admitted into Stage 2

3 Credits

WO/ED-339 Childern's Literature: Multicultural Literature for Pk-9

LASC Categories: HBS, TLC, DAC

Facets of literature for children and criteria for the selection of each; techniques and preparation and use.

3 Credits

WO/ED-400 Integrated Early Childhood Education

Special education law and procedures, modification of programs for English language learners, working with parents, and developing and implementingan anti-bias curriculum. Pre-requisite: Admitted to Stage II.

3 Credits

WO/ED-450 Independent Study in Education

For the student who wishes to pursue independent study in education; faculty members from other disciplines may be called upon to counsel the student.

1-9 Credits