Women's Studies/History (WO/HI)

WO/HI-111 US History I

LASC Categories: USW, CON

From colonization through the Civil War era. A study of politics, society, economy, diplomacy, and culture in that period.

3 Credits

WO/HI-112 US History II

LASC Categories: USW, CON

From the Civil War to 1945. A study of politics, society, economy, diplomacy, and culture in that period.

3 Credits

WO/HI-113 US History III

LASC Categories: USW

1945 to the present.

3 Credits

WO/HI-193 Special Topics in History for First Year Students

3 Credits

WO/HI-205 American Indian Past & Present

This survey covers the broad sweep of native American history and focuses on the encounter between American and European civilizations and how Native culture has adapted through the centuries.

3 Credits

WO/HI-214 Modern Latin America

The people of Latin America from independence to the present, focusing on race, sex and power.

3 Credits

WO/HI-215 American Intellectual History

Prerequisites: HI-111 HI-112

Puritanism, the Enlightenment, romanticism, Darwinism, pragmatism, fundamentalism, the liberal-progressive ethic, the new left, and neo-conservatism.

3 Credits

WO/HI-216 Economic History of the U. S.

An introduction to United States economic development; particular attention will be paid to industrialization and the labor force.

3 Credits

WO/HI-217 US Social History

LASC Categories: TLC, USW, DAC, WAC

Prerequisites: EN-102 or EN-250

Survey of social and cultural history. Topics such as family, religion, education, popular literature, architecture, transportation and reform.

3 Credits

WO/HI-226 Latin America Through Film

This course will explore how filmmakers have portrayed Latin American History in their movies.

3 Credits

WO/HI-230 Nicaragua, the US and the World

LASC Categories: USW, DAC

The course will examine the impact of globalization and imperialism on the lives of Nicaraguans at home and in the diasporic communities.

3 Credits

WO/HI-247 Central America and the Caribbean

This survey examines the political, cultural and social history of Central America and the Caribbean from pre-Columbian times to the present with an emphasis on the 20th century.

3 Credits

WO/HI-249 U S Labor History I

The relationship between workers, their employers, and the surrounding community between 1815 and World War II

Every 2-3 years. 3 Credits

WO/HI-250 Special Topics in History

Special topics at the introductory or intermediate level; especially appropriate for first and second year students.

3 Credits

WO/HI-271 Women & Work in Historical Perspective

This course undertakes to examine women's work conditions and the opposition to its continuation in Europe and America, sixteenth to nineteenth centuries.

3 Credits

WO/HI-274 Sex, Marriage and the Family

LASC Categories: TLC, DAC

Prerequisites: HI-103 HI-104 HI-111 or HI-112

This course will undertake a study of courtship, marriage and family life-cycle patterns in England and America during the 19th century

Every 2-3 years. 3 Credits

WO/HI-320 Citizen Nation

LASC Categories: CON, TLC, USW, DAC, WAC

Prerequisites: HI-111 or HI-112

Explores the history and meaning of citizenship in the United States, including discrimination, rights struggles and changing citizenship criteria.

3 Credits

WO/HI-333 Women in Latin America

Prerequisites: HI-233.

Examines the roles of women in diverse societies including Mexico, Brazil and Caribbean nations. Emphasis on the modern period.

3 Credits

WO/HI-350 Native American Women

Prerequisites: HI-205.

Examines Indian women from the time of European contact to the modern era. Emphasizes culture, community and arenas of power.

3 Credits

WO/HI-353 The Age of Reform

Prerequisites: HI-111 and HI-112.

An analysis of the transformation of America, including reform response to the Gilded Age's industrialization, urbanization and immigration patterns.

3 Credits

WO/HI-372 Evolution of Women's Rights

This course analyzes the evolution of Women's Rights with emphasis on its role in the twentieth century's Inter- national Law of Human Rights.

3 Credits

WO/HI-450 Special Topics in History

Advanced special topics in history; course may be taught as an upper level seminar.

Other or on demand. 3 Credits