Women's Studies/Philosophy (WO/PH)

WO/PH-150 Women in Western Ideas

LASC Categories: HBS, TLC, DAC

Investigates the concept of woman from ancient Greece to the present.

3 Credits

WO/PH-240 Political Theory

LASC Categories: USW, TLC

Investigates concepts including political power, equality, revolution, liberties, slavery, socialism and liberalism, patriarchal power, race and gender.

3 Credits

WO/PH-241 Genocide and Human Rights

LASC Categories: GP, USW

This course treats the ethical, political, and other dimensions of systematic mass violence through case studies and general theoretical analyses.

3 Credits

WO/PH-250 Global Feminisms

LASC Categories: TLC, GP

Investigates the theoretical underpinnings of women's movements for equal rights around the globe.

3 Credits