Physical Education

Department of Health Sciences

The physical education program offers minors in Sport Coaching and Health Fitness and a wide variety of activities including basketball, dance, fitness, golf, sailing, self defense, stress management, tennis, volleyball, weight training, yoga, and individual, dual, and team sports.  New enrollments in the Physical Education program are no longer accepted, effective Fall 2017.

PE-100 Physical Education Activity Courses

Activities include archery, basketball, candlepin bowling, low and high impact aerobics, fitness and weight control, football, golf, racquetball, relaxation, sailing, softball, tennis, volleyball, weight training, yoga, health fitness, and ballroom dancing.

Fall and Spring and every year. 1 Credit

PE-150 Health and Physical Education for the Teacher

The planning, development, implementation and evaluation of comprehensive health education programs.

Every year. 3 Credits

PE-175 Principles of Coaching

The values, relationships, and skills necessary to coach children and young adults in competitive athletics.

Fall and Spring and every 2-3 years. 3 Credits

PE-210 Foundations of Strength and Conditioning

Prerequisites: BI-161 and HE-170 or BI-271.

An introduction to the principles of functional training that meet sport specific needs of athletes.

Every year. 3 Credits

PE-220 Survey of Athletic Training

Prerequisites: BI-161 and He-170 or BI-271

General overview of athletic training with a clinical approach to prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation of injuries common to athletes.

Every 2-3 years. 3 Credits

PE-225 Fundamentals of Athletic Training

The prevention and treatment of all types of athletic injuries. Anatomy, injury recognition, physiology, and taping are included.

Spring only and every 2-3 years. 3 Credits

PE-260 First Aid: Advanced Theory and Skill

Common emergencies, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, auto extraction, and emergency childbirth. Opportunity for instructor rating. [Cross listed as HE260.]

Fall and Spring and other or on demand. 3 Credits

PE-275 Fitness for Life

Prerequisites: HE-120

Knowledge of health-related fitness components and their effect on total wellness; emphasis on developing personalized fitness program, namely cardiovascular endurance. [Cross listed as HE275.]

Fall and Spring and every year. 3 Credits

PE-280 Individual Stress Management and Relaxation

Strategies and techniques for increasing stress resistance based on psychophysiological research.

Fall and Spring and every year. 3 Credits

PE-420 Practicum in Health Fitness

Opportunity to gain practical experience under supervision in a health fitness field placement.

Spring only and every year. 3 Credits