Sport Coaching Minor

Coaches have an exceptional opportunity to exert a strong positive influence on players and to that end the minor adheres to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) coaching standards that emphasize ethics, safety, team play and leadership. Courses also address the need for coaches to produce the safest environment for players and others and to avoid litigation by adhering to the objectives of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).   New enrollments in the Sports Coaching Minor are no longer accepted, effective Fall 2017.

Requirements for the Sport Coaching Minor

Required Courses(6 credits)
PE-175Principles of Coaching3
PE-220Survey of Athletic Training 13
Elective Courses(12 credits)
Select four of the following:12
Health Ethics
Health and Nutrition 1
Drugs and Society 1
Sport and Society
Foundations of Strength and Conditioning
First Aid: Advanced Theory and Skill
Practicum in Health Fitness
Total Credits18

Prerequisites: BI-162 and either HE-170 or BI-271.

A minimum grade of 2.0 must be earned in required and elective courses. Prerequisites must average a minimum of 2.0.