Visual and Performing Arts Major, Concentration in Art

Based on an interdisciplinary arts foundation with music and theatre, the Art concentration offers a program in the creation of visual art augmented by studies in art history. Courses in design, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital arts, and integrated media provide the technical skills and concepts that form the basis for expression in visual art. Existing within the interdisciplinary major, the Art concentration presents extensive involvement in studio art while encouraging creative thinking and artistic production that are informed by and sometimes created with the performing arts of music and theatre.

Visual and Performing Arts majors who concentrate in ART must complete the VPA Foundation Courses plus 27 credits in the arts.

Concentration in Art(27 credits)
AR-100Cross Media Studio3
or AR-112 World Art Survey I
AR-140Drawing Fundamentals3
AR-117Visual Design: 2 Dimensions3
AR-122Visual Design: 3-DIMENSIONS3
AR-113World Art Survey II3
AR-225Art Since Mid-20th Century3
Additional AR courses 19
Total Credits27

With advisement, electives within a concentration may be selected from the other disciplines. For a description of required and elective courses see requirements for a concentration in Art, Music, and Theatre.