Academic Honesty

We expect students to maintain standards of honesty and integrity in all aspects of their academic careers. Academic dishonesty violates the very nature of our academy. Its scope includes plagiarism, lying, tampering and falsifying reference materials, and theft. Plagiarism and cheating consist of any attempt by a student to represent the work of someone else as his or her own. It includes, but is not limited to submitting, copying, or substantially restating the work of another person or persons in an oral or written work without citing the appropriate source; collaborating with someone else in an academic endeavor without acknowledging that contribution; and copying the answers of another student in an examination. Worcester State University will not tolerate plagiarism or cheating in the classroom in any fashion. The penalties for academic deceit are severe and unawareness is not an acceptable justification. The instructor may fail the student or enforce another appropriate penalty concerning academic dishonesty.