Minor in Addictions Counseling


PS-101General Psychology 1,23
HE-285Drugs and Society3
or CJ-285 Drugs and Society
or HE-270 Psychopharmacology
HE-208Systems of Addictions Treatment3
or CJ-208 Systems of Addictions Treatment
HE-354Addictions Counseling of Individuals and Families3
or CJ-354 Addictions Counseling of Individuals and Families
HE-406The 12 Core Functions of Addictions Counseling3
or CJ-406 The 12 Core Functions of Addictions Counseling
Total Credits18

1  Should be the first course in the minor.  Can be transferred in and can also be CLEPed.

2  Psychology majors who want to take the minor will need to take an additional Psychology elective (3 cr).

Courses (outside of PS 101) must have a minimum grade of C and must be taken at WSU and cannot be transferred in. Credits cannot be earned through life experience portfolio.

For more information about the Addictions Counseling Minor, please contact the Program Coordinator for Addictions Counseling, Dr. Robert Brooks, at rbrooks@worcester.edu.