Pre-Medical Concentrations

Worcester State University offers specific pre-medical concentrations for students who major in Biology, Biotechnology, or Chemistry. The courses required for each concentration are listed under each program. Students interested in pursuing these concentrations should consult both their major advisor and the Chair of the Pre-medical and Pre-Dental Advisory Committee as soon as possible following matriculation. In addition, an advisory program open to all students interested in preparing for medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy, physician assistant, physical therapy, or optometry studies is offered, coordinated by the Chair of the Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Advisory Committee.

Pre-Medical Advisory Committee Members

Roger S. Greenwell, Co-Coordinator of the Biotechnology Program, Associate Professor (2014), B.S. Western Kentucky University; Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jennifer Hood-DeGrenier, Associate Professor (2012), B.A. Williams College; Ph.D. Harvard University

Jeffry C. Nichols, Department Chair, Associate Professor (2006), B.A. Texas Tech University; Ph.D. Rice University

Steven J. Oliver, Department Chair, Professor (2003), B.A. University of Montana; Ph.D. Boston University