Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies is an expanding, exciting academic area in which students study and do research and creative work in subject areas that span multiple traditional academic disciplines.  It has developed out of recognition that genuinely deep and comprehensive engagement of such subject areas benefits from and often requires a combination of the intellectual tools available from a wide range of traditional academic disciplines.  Students with interdisciplinary studies backgrounds are well-prepared for the fluidly changing realities of the professional world as well as future study in an ever more interdisciplinary academic arena.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Department at Worcester State University provides a number of major, minor, and concentration programs for students interested in subjects that span multiple traditional academic disciplines.  The growing list includes

  • the self-designed interdisciplinary major of Liberal Studies,
  • minors (18 credits) in Asian Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and
  • concentrations (15 credits) in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Women’s, Global Studies, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Many courses in these areas are offered by the Interdisciplinary Studies Department, while many other courses are offered in other departments across the university’s curriculum.  Our Student Planning platform allows students to search for all courses offered in a given semester in a specific program.

Robert A. Brooks, Professor (2004), B.M. Wayne State University; M.A. Antioch University, Los Angeles; J.D. University of Detroit Law School; Ph.D. American University