Environmental Science

Department of Earth, Environment, and Physics

Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary science major for students interested in scientific aspects of human interactions with the natural world. Course work includes fundamental concepts in biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics and emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to environmental science. The major provides a broad foundation, introducing students to scientific techniques, analyses, and tools for assessing human impacts on environmental systems and for mitigating or remediating environmental harm. Hands-on field and laboratory investigations of environmental systems are emphasized in course work and through opportunities for guided research with faculty mentors.

The Environmental Science major provides a pathway into a variety of careers and graduate programs. The major is appropriate for students interested in careers in education, environmental conservation. natural resource management, environmental consulting, planning, and a wide variety of specialized scientific disciplines. Environmental science majors are well prepared for graduate studies in the earth and environmental sciences as well as diverse fields such as business, law, environmental management, or sustainability studies.


Timothy L. Cook, Associate Professor (2012), B.S. Brown University; M.S. University of Delaware; Ph.D. University of Massachusetts

Meghna Dilip, Associate Professor (2008), B.Sc. University of Madras India; M.Sc. Anna University India; M.S.,Ph.D. University of Alabama

Allison Dunn, Associate Professor (2007), B.A. Oberlin College; M.A.,Ph.D. Harvard University

Nirvana Filoramo, Assistant Professor (2011), B.S. University of Massachusetts, Amherst; M.S. Iowa State University; Ph.D. University of Connecticut

William J. Hansen, Department Chair, Professor (2005), B.A. State University of New York Albany; M.A. Hunter College; Ph.D. City University of New York Graduae Center

Margaret E. Kerr, Professor (2000), B.S. University of Maine; Ph.D. Wesleyan University

Douglas E. Kowalewski, Associate Professor (2012), B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Ph.D. Boston University

Kathleen Murphy, Assistant Professor (2014), B.S. College of William and Mary; M.S.,Ph.D. University Of Massachusetts Amherst

Steven J. Oliver, Department Chair, Professor (2003), B.A. University of Montana; Ph.D. Boston University

Randall Tracy, Professor (2003), B.S.,M.S. University of Connecticut; Ph.D. Arizona State University

Sebastian Velez, Associate Professor (2012), B.S. University of Puerto Rico; M.S. University of Notre Dame; Ph.D. Harvard University

EV-120 Integrated Environmental Science for Educators

LASC Categories: NSP, LAB

Introduction to the scientific method. Physical, biological and earth sciences as applied to problems in environmental science. Three lecture hours and Two laboratory hours per week.

Every year. 4 Credits

EV-150 Environmental Science

LASC Categories: NSP

Interdisciplinary scientific study of human impacts on natural systems. Introduction to fundamental concepts and tools of environmental impact analysis.

Every year. 3 Credits

EV-199 Special Topics in Environmental Science

Lecture or laboratory course in selected areas of Environmental Science presented by departmental instructor. Topics will be announced in advance.

1-6 Credits

EV-400 Environmental Science Seminar

A capstone course. Independent projects include studying scientific literature, summarizing peer- reviewed articles, preparing science lessons with experiments, preparing resumes.

Spring only and every year. 3 Credits

EV-408 Directed Study: Environmental Science

Directed study offers students, who because of unusual circumstances may be unable to register for a course when offered, the opportunity to complete an existing course with an established syllabus under the direction and with agreement from a faculty member.

3-4 Credits

EV-410 Independent Study in Environmental Science

Opportunity for advanced students to pursue a topic of special interest involving extensive reading, experimentation, and research.

1-6 Credits

EV-412 Special Topics in Environmental Science

Intended for the undergraduate who wishes to undertake study of selected topics in Environmental Science of mutual interest to student and faculty.

1-6 Credits

EV-420 Advanced Geoscience Research and Frieldwork

Lab and or field-based research on a specific geoscience topic under supervision of a faculty member. [Permission of instructor.]

Fall and Spring and every year. 1-6 Credits