Certificate in Addictions Counseling


HE-285Drugs and Society3
or CJ-285 Drugs and Society
or HE-270 Psychopharmacology
HE-208Systems of Addictions Treatment3
or CJ-208 Systems of Addictions Treatment
HE-354Addictions Counseling of Individuals and Families3
or CJ-354 Addictions Counseling of Individuals and Families
HE-406The 12 Core Functions of Addictions Counseling3
or CJ-406 The 12 Core Functions of Addictions Counseling
HE-407Pre-Practicum Seminar in Addictions Counseling3
or CJ-407 Pre-Practicum Seminar in Addictions Counseling
HE-409Practicum in Addictions Counseling3
or CJ-409 Practicum in Addictions Counseling
CJ-409Practicum in Addictions Counseling3
or HE-409 Practicum in Addictions Counseling
Total Credits24

Courses must be have a minimum grade of C and must be taken at WSU. Credits cannot be earned through life experience portfolio.

After completing the practicum, and required supervised practical work experience (2000-6000 hours depending on highest degree earned), certificate students may apply for and take the state licensing exam for the LADC II.

Admissions requirements:

  • Online Application and $30 Application Fee
  • Student must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Evidence of successful completion of PS-101 or its equivalent (official transcript)

Non-matriculated students should contact Elena Arranz, at earranz@worcester.edu, for more information about the Addictions Counseling Certificate.