English Major, Concentration in Writing

Requirements for a Major in English, Concentration in Writing

15 credits in writing courses (exclusive of EN-101 and EN-102) in addition to the 15 credits in Shakespeare (EN-360); surveys (EN-210 or EN-211; EN-220 and EN-221), and EN-255 required of all majors. The remaining 6 credits must be literature electives at the 300-level or above.

English Requirements(15 credits)
EN-210Survey of American Literature I3
or EN-211 Survey of American Literature II
EN-220Survey of English Literature I3
EN-221Survey of English Literature II3
EN-255Methods of Literary Study3
EN-360Shakespeare I3
Writing Courses(15 credits)
Select 15 credit hours from the following:15
The Writer's Life
Creative Thinking and Critical Writing
Advanced Expository Writing
Technical Writing
Business Communications
Creative Writing: Fiction
Creative Writing: Nonfiction
Creative Writing: Poetry I
Creative Writing: Poetry II
Journalism: Practice and Techniques
Journalism: Advanced Newswriting
Journalism: Feature Writing
Journalism: Interpretive Reporting
Journalism: Editing
Journalism Workshop
News Reporting and Writing I
Writing for Digital Environments
Advanced Practices in Writing
News Reporting and Writing II
Practicum in Journalism
Narrative Journalism
Opinion Writing
Theory and Teaching of Writing
Technology and the Teaching of Writing
A 3-6 credit internship in writing, whether in English (EN-410 or EN-475) or other languages (FR-475 or SP-475)
Total Credits30