Lt. Col. James F. Sheehan '55 Honors Program

The Commonwealth Honors Program at Worcester State University is designed to challenge and transform students through diverse and demanding coursework, experiences, and service learning, enabling them to grow as well-rounded scholars and engaged citizens. It builds strong community ties to sustain the intellectual and social development of its participants and to enhance the life of the University. The program is part of the Massachusetts Commonwealth Honors Program and a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council. Students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher are encouraged to contact the director for information regarding entrance into the program. Students who complete an independent research project and present it in a public forum earn the additional Commonwealth Honors Scholar designation.


Program requirements include maintaining an overall GPA of 3.2, completing 21 credits in honors courses, and attendance at a minimum of two approved co-curricular activities per semester.

Freshman Students (by invitation only) 

Freshman Year6
Honors First Year Seminar
Honors Composition
Sophomore Year3
Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar
Sophomore, Junior, or Senior Year12
4 Other Honors-designated Courses
Total Credits21

Students Entering as Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors (by invitation only) 

HO-2XX-1Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar3
5 Other Honors-designated Courses15
Total Credits18

Honors students may take up to two world language courses as honors, may transfer up to two courses taken abroad as honors, and may transfer up to two honors courses with a grade of B or better taken at other Commonwealth Honors Program approved universities or colleges.  Courses will be counted as honors only if students achieve a grade of B or above in the class.  Honors courses may also fulfill general education (LASC) or major/minor requirements. Honors courses may be all-honors sections or regular course sections with “embedded” honors seats.  Students entering as Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are not required to take the Honors First Year Seminar.

The Worcester State University Lt. Col. James F. Sheehan '55 Honors Program draws its faculty from multiple disciplines across campus. Each faculty member's information can be found at the respective department for each of the courses. For more information on the Honors Program, please contact the Honors Program Director at