English Minor

The English Minor will provide students with a foundation experience in the methodologies of literary studies to align with current and emerging trends in the discipline.

English Minor (18 Credits)

Required(6 credits)
Take 1 course from the following:3
Survey of American Literature I
Survey of American Literature II
Survey of English Literature I
Survey of English Literature II
Survey of Postcolonial and Transcultural Literature
Methods of Literary Study
Historically Marginalized Traditions
Take one course from the following:3
Race in Comics
World Literature
Literature and Human Rights
Ethnic Literature in the U.S.
Women and Literature
Women Poets
Survey of Postcolonial and Transcultural Literature
Narratives of U.S. Immigration
American Women Writers
Studies in U.S. Ethnic Literature
Postcolonial Women's Writing
Antislavery Literature
Electives(12 credits)
English electives (exclusive of EN 101, EN 102, EN 202)6
300- or 400-level Literature electives6
Total Credits18