Audit Grade for Graduate Courses

Audit grades for graduate courses will satisfy the needs of the following students:

  • Professionals interested in taking courses to learn the latest information in the field, and who are not interested in graduate credit or a graduate degree.
  • Students who wish to test the likelihood of continuing in a particular field of study.
  • Teachers and other professionals who are interested in re-certification or in meeting licensing requirements and wish Professional Development Points(PDPs) or Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and not graduate credit.
  • The following rules apply:
    • The cost of an audited course will be the same as the cost of a credit bearing course.
    • Students will have to declare at registration that audit is their choice; they will not be able to switch to credit-bearing status after registration.
    • Similarly, students cannot switch from credit-bearing to audit status after registration.
    • Audit will not be possible in practicum or internship courses, or in any courses where the instructor deems participation, such as group or team work, essential for the success of the course.
    • Students who audit a course are governed by the same attendance policies as apply to the enrolled students in that course.
    • Students may repeat any course for credit they have audited.