4+ Initial License and M.Ed in Middle School Education

Worcester State University offers the Initial Licensure Program in Middle School Education. Certain grade levels covered by licensure differ based on subject areas (see table below). For more information about licensure areas, please see an academic advisor from the Education Department.  Students who complete the 4+ Initial license in Middle School will earn an initial license as a middle school teacher. The Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure (MTEL) is embedded in the program at various stages and must be passed for completion of the program and licensure.

Fieldwork accompanies most education courses and is a necessary component of the program. Student pre-practicum experiences include a wide variety of field settings. 

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education offers Initial Licensure programs in the following areas in cooperation with liberal arts and sciences departments in the Worcester State University Education Program.

Teacher of English (5-12)
Teacher of General Science (5-8)
Teacher of History (5-12)
Teacher of Mathematics (5-8)
Teacher of Spanish (5-12)

For required courses in these subject areas students should consult their liberal arts/science advisor.

Admission Requirements: Undergraduate Program

Students in the 4+ initial license in middle school education will progress through a three-stage process. Each stage must be completed satisfactorily prior to passage to the next stage. Students will pursue a major in the content area relevant to their licensure as listed above.

Students must complete all LASC and Major requirements and take the following undergraduate courses:

ED-149Introduction to the Teaching Profession Middle/Secondary School (HBS)3
or ED-150 Introduction to the Teaching Profession
ED-207The Adolescent in Schools & Society (ICW)3
ED-251Principles of Curriculum, Instruction, And Assessment in Middle and High School (WAC)3
ED-270Diversity & Multicultural Ed (DAC)3
Total Credits12

In order to apply to the 4+ Initial license and MED Middle School Program, students must:

  • pass the four above education classes with minimum grades of B-, 

  • pass their Communication and Literacy MTEL,

  • pass their Subject Area MTEL,

  • have a 3.0+ GPA average in a minimum of 60 credits, and

  • have 2 letters of recommendation.

Students can be conditionally admitted to the program, prior to student teaching/initial license. Once a student successfully completes all initial license coursework including student teaching/seminar and earns an initial license, they can be fully admitted into the M.Ed. in Middle School program.

Application Priority Deadlines:  for Fall entry, March 30.

Application Priority Deadlines:  for Spring entry, October 30.

Students admitted to the 4+ Initial License and MED in Middle School program use the four undergraduate stage 1 Education courses (ED-149/150, ED-207, ED-251, and ED-270) to meet the Adolescent growth and development requirement and the Multicultural and foundations in education competencies (like ED-949 American Education Contexts and Influences at the graduate level).

After admission to the 4+ program–(students could take 1 to 5 courses for a maximum of 13 credits):

ED-909RETELL: Best Practices for English Language Learners (ED-509)3
ED-973Instructional Design and Evaluation for Middle-Secondary School (ED-573)3
ES-925Inclusive Settings: Learning Strategies and management Techniques (5-12) (ES-525)3
ES-905Methods and Materials for Teaching Humanities (ES-505)3
or ES-906 Methods and Materials for Teaching Science and Math
ES-921Clinical Experience for Middle-Secondary Grades (5-12)1
Total Credits13

Students who complete the requirements for a Bachelor's degree, graduate (with their class).

ES 911 Teaching Practicum (Student Teaching) and ES 908 Teaching Practicum Seminar are completed at the graduate level in the fall or spring, upon completion of all other required classes in the program (ED149/150, ED207, ED251, ED270, ED573/973, ED 509/909, ES 525/925, ES505/506/905/906 with ES521/921). The following classes may be completed at the 500(part of undergraduate program) or 900 (graduate only) level: ED573/973, ED 509/909, ES 525/925, ES505/506/905/906 with ES521/921.

M.Ed. in Middle School Education

ED-981Advanced Foundations of Education3
ED-958Middle School Curriculum and Instruction : Strategies and Modification3
ED-959Assessment, Differentiation and Data Analysis in Middle School3
ED-963The Understanding and Teaching of Culture3
ES-950Disciplinary, Multimodal and Critical Literacies Across the Content Area3
ES-905Methods and Materials for Teaching Humanities3
or ES-906 Methods and Materials for Teaching Science and Math
Content Elective 23
Content Elective 33
Content Elective 43
Content Elective 53
ED-982Research in Education3
ED-994Thesis Seminar3
ES-926Portfolio Evaluation (Middle/Secondary)1
Total Credits37