Undergraduate Catalog

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The listing of a course in this catalog is not a guarantee that the course will be offered in any particular semester. Course offerings are subject to change in response to student enrollment, faculty availability, changes in program requirements and other circumstances. The rules, regulations, policies, fees and other charges, courses of study, and academic requirements that appear in this catalog were in effect at the time of its publication. Like everything else in the catalog, they are published for informational purposes and do not constitute a contract between Worcester State University and any student, applicant for admission, or other person.  Whether noted elsewhere in this catalog or not, Worcester State University reserves the right to change, eliminate, and add to any existing (and to introduce additional) rules, regulations, policies, fees or other charges, courses of study, and academic requirements.  Whenever it does so, Worcester State University will give as much notice as it considers feasible or appropriate, but it reserves the right in all cases to do so without notice.

Publication date of this catalog:  8/31/23.

Graduate information is available in the Graduate School Catalog.