Track Two (RN-to-BS Program)

Admission Process

All students applying to the RN-BS program must hold a current unencumbered license to practice as an RN in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The RN-BS student applying to Worcester State University as a transfer student can receive up to 72 credits transferrable from an accredited associate degree college and a maximum of 90 credits from four year colleges and universities. Students with a BA or BS degree in another major only need to complete the nursing courses and the pre-requisite courses for the nursing major. Admission requirements include official high school and college transcripts and a minimum 2.5 GPA. Associate degree graduates and diploma graduates earn 29 nursing credits for NCLEX-RN licensure.

All Track Two courses are offered in a hybrid format (in-class and online).

The full-time day program offered at WSU is a three semester nursing program that begins each fall semester. 

The part-time evening (after 4pm) program offered at UMass Memorial Medical Center is a 4 semester nursing program that begins each fall.

All applicants must complete the required components of the admission process prior to April 1st for consideration of admittance for that September. Students who wish to matriculate into the program and begin taking prerequisites or corequisites early, may be admitted as an early admission by completing the application process. However, students may not enter the nursing program of courses without first having completed all pre-requisites (including statistics) with a grade of C or higher.

Students in the Quinsigamond Community College-Worcester State University 3+1 program will adhere to the QCC-WSU articulation agreement. Students must complete the first six semesters at QCC prior to admission to the RN to BS Track II program.

Students applying to the UMASS part-time evening program do not need to be employed by UMass Memorial Medical Center at the time classes begin.  However, if the student is a UMass Memorial Healthcare employee the application fee is waived.

Track Two Prerequisite Courses

These courses may be transferred if the student has previously taken the course (per college transfer policy) or may be taken at Worcester State University. Prerequisite, corerequisite, and Nursing courses may not be taken pass/fail.

English Composition I
and English Composition II
MA-150Statistics I 1,23
SO-100Introduction to Sociology3
PS-101General Psychology3
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy and Physiology II
and Medical Microbiology

EN-101 may be waived.


Prerequisite for NU-430 OR NU-525.


A passing grade for the WSC Accuplacer is required by for this course.

Sample RN-BS Curriculum WSU Campus

Track Two Nursing Courses

(31 Worcester State University Nursing Credits)

All nursing courses must be taken in sequence.  All courses are hybrid unless otherwise noted.  Students must achieve a minimum grade of 80 in each nursing course. Only one nursing course may be repeated to obtain the minimum grade or required GPA and must be repeated within the 2 years.

Track II RN to BS WSU Full-time (Blended/Day)

Semester I(9 credits)
NU-332Transition to Professional Nursing3
NU-333Health Informatics (On-Line)3
NU-334Selected Mechanisms of Disease and Related Pharmocology3
Semester II(10 credits)
NU-342Health Assessment4
NU-430Research Seminar in Nursing3
or NU-525 Research for Evidence Based Practice
NU-432Advanced Nursing Perspectives in Chronic Illness3
Semester III(12 credits)
NU-452Professional Nursing Leadership and Organization3
or NU-551 Nursing Leadership and Administration
NU-472Community/Public Health Nursing6
NU-473Health Policy (On-Line)3
Total Credits31

Sample RN-to-BS Curriculum UMass Memorial Medical Center (Part Time Evening)

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
Semester OneCredits
NU-332 Transition to Professional Nursing 3
NU-333 Health Informatics (On-Line) 3
Semester Two
NU-334 Selected Mechanisms of Disease and Related Pharmocology 3
NU-430 Research Seminar in Nursing 3
Summer I
NU-342 Health Assessment 4
Summer II
NU-473 Health PolicyCan take Fall Year 2 (On-Line) 3
Year Two
Semester Three
NU-452 Professional Nursing Leadership and Organization 3
NU-432 Advanced Nursing Perspectives in Chronic Illness 3
Semester Four
NU-472 Community/Public Health Nursing This includes 32 hours (4 days) of clinical experience 6
 Total Credits31

Students are required to meet with their department advisor to review their upcoming semester academic choices. A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation.