Diversity (DIV)

(3 credits)

Students must complete one course in the diversity area. Courses which meet this requirement will:

  • Compare/contrast intersectional structural inequalities within society, including those that maintain privilege.
  • Examine the ways structural inequality, including privilege, has shaped/continues to shape the lived experiences of the individual and/or multiple groups within society.
  • Discuss materials written or co-written by members of diverse groups that explain their lived experience in their own voices.
  • Compare/contrast materials written or co-written by members of diverse groups that explain their lived experiences in their own voices with materials written by majority group members.
  • Describe the contributions of diverse individuals within the area of study.
  • Examine how one’s multiple social identities, including privileged identities, inform/impact one’s interactions with others.
  • Critically apply the language and methodologies used by scholars of diversity within the respective field.
  • Distinguish facts from opinion regarding diversity within the field and society broadly.
  • Describe the need for a social justice and equity-based approach to the field.
CM-213Gender and the Media3
CM-384Media Criticism3
ED-270Diversity & Multicultural Ed3
ED-304Best Practices for English Language Learners3
ED-339Children's Literature: Multicultural Literature for PK-93
EN-115LGBTQ+ Narratives3
EN-120Race in Comics3
EN-132World Literature3
EN-164Fantasy, Faerie and Folk Fairy and Folk Tales From Around the World3
EN-167Literature and Human Rights3
EN-170Search for Identity3
EN-210U.S. Literature (Beginnings-1865)3
EN-211U.S. Literature (1865-Present)3
EN-322Community Writing3
EN-358Disability Stories, Disability Studies3
EN-370Antislavery Literature3
HC-202Introduction to Global Health3
HI-155World History Through Film3
HI-203The United States Since 19453
HI-205Native America3
HI-217US Social History3
HI-263The Modern Middle East, 1900-present3
HI-274The History of Gender and Sexuality in America3
HI-278African History Before 18003
HI-279African History Since 18003
HI-320Citizen Nation3
HI-336Race, Sex, and Power in the American South3
HI-345Religions in America3
IS-100Introduction to African and African Diaspora Studies3
NU-340Nursing Science Ii: Pediatrics (track I)4.5
NU-346Nursing Science Ii: Pediatrics (track Iii)3.5
NU-432Advanced Nursing Perspectives in Chronic Illness (Track II)3
PH-151Race, Gender, and the Law3
PH-231Philosophy of Law3
PH-240Political Theory3
PH-241Genocide and Human Rights3
PH-242Race, Nation, Class, Gender and Sexuality3
PH-251Mass Violence Against Women3
PH-254Feminist Theory3
PH-327Feminist Medical Ethics3
PO-120Global Politics3
PO-203Gender, War and Peace3
PO-204Women in Politics3
PO-205Poverty and Development3
PO-243City Politics3
PO-264American Political Thought3
PO-320Citizen Nation3
PO-327Global South Leadership in the United Nations3
SO-190Sport and Society3
SO-200Contemporary Social Problems3
SO-201Prejudice, Privilege, and Power3
SO-228Latinx Experiences in the U.s. and the World3
SO-303Environmental Sociology3
SO-307Puerto Rican Diaspora3
SO-312Youth, Race, and Public Space3
SO-318Worcester and Its Discontents3
SO-320Sociology of Race and Ethnicity3
SO-350Wealth, Poverty, and Power3
SO-360Urban Sociology3
UR-201Introduction to Urban Policy3
UR-214Urban Demography3
UR-220Immigrant City3
UR-280The Queer City3
UR-312Worcester:A City & Its People3
WO-100Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies3