Officials of Worcester State University

Massachusetts Board of Higher Education

Chris Gabrieli, Chair

Sheila M. Harrity, Ed.D., Vice Chair

Cameron Costa, Student Member

Mary Burns

Ann Christensen

Veronica Conforme, Chair of Finance

Alex Cortez

Patty Eppinger, Chair of Academic Affairs

Paul Mattera, J.D.

Judy Pagliuca 

James Peyser, Ex Officio

Paul F. Toner, J.D.

Non-Voting Officers and Advisors

Jorgo Gushi

Kush Patel

Worcester State University Board of Trustees

David H. Tuttle ’01, Chair

Lisa M. Colombo '87, Vice Chair

Marina L. Taylor, Vice Chair

Aleta M. Fazzone

Karen M. LaFond

Stephen F. Madaus

William D. Mosley 

Dina A. Nichols

Amy L. Peterson

Emma J. Polak '23

Lawrence Sasso '90, '13

Presidents of Worcester State University

Elias Harlow Russell 1874-1909

Francis Randsom Lane 1909-1912

William B. Aspinwall 1912-1939

Clinton E. Carpenter 1940-1946

Eugene A. Sullivan 1947-1970

Robert E. Leestamper 1970-1975

Joseph J. Orze 1975-1982

Philip D. Vairo 1982-1991

Kalyan K. Ghosh 1992-2002

Janelle C. Ashley 2002-2011

Barry M. Maloney 2011-