Withdrawal from Worcester State University/Leave of Absence

Matriculated students who fail to take a course during a calendar year will be administratively withdrawn from Worcester State University. Students who wish to permanently withdraw from Worcester State University or take a temporary leave of absence must complete appropriate forms in the Academic Success Center. If the withdrawal or leave of absence is filed prior to the last day to withdraw from courses for the term, “W” will be recorded on the student’s record. Students who file for leave of absence or withdrawal after the last day to withdraw from courses for the term may petition if they feel circumstances warrant the recording of “W” for all courses enrolled for that term. Normally, a leave of absence is for one semester; however, a student may have up to one year to return to Worcester State University. Failure to return at the specified time will result in an administrative withdrawal from Worcester State University.

Students who receive any form of financial aid or veteran's educational benefits should consult with the respective office PRIOR to dropping or withdrawing from a course. Reducing credit hour load may adversely affect eligibility to receive financial aid or veteran's educational benefits. In addition, most private insurance companies require that students be full-time (12 credits or more) to be eligible for coverage.

Reinstatement after Withdrawal/Non-continuous Attendance/Dismissal

Students reactivate their undergraduate, matriculation status through the Registrar’s Office. It is the student's responsibility to supply and update the following documents if they are not on file:

  • final high school transcript
  • completed and notarized proof of residency form
  • official transcript of all courses completed at each post-secondary institution attended (excluding Worcester State University).

When the file is complete, the student will meet with an advisor and develop a plan for academic persistence and success. If applicable, an updated evaluation of transfer credits will be done at this time. In the case of Nursing, Occupational Studies, and Education majors, an interview with the academic department will be necessary to determine reinstatement possibility in these majors.

Students readmitted after dismissal must attain a minimum GPA of 2.0 for each semester following their return. Failure to maintain a 2.0 semester GPA will result in a second separation from Worcester State University not subject to appeal.

All reinstated students follow the major requirements from the catalog in effect at the time of their reactivation. For students who matriculated prior to Fall of 2009 as first-year students, or prior to 2012 as transfer students, courses will be allocated to LASC categories according to the LASC transfer policies (see LASC section under "Academic Policies and Procedures"). For students who last matriculated as first-year students after the Fall of 2009, or as a transfer after the Fall of 2012, all courses completed at WSU will be allocated to LASC categories according to the catalog in effect when he/she is reinstated. Through appropriate advising, a plan for success outlining the maximum credits applicable will be developed prior to the semester of re-matriculation.