English Major, Concentration in Journalism

Requirements for a Major in English, Concentration in Journalism

In addition to taking the required courses for the English major and two 300- or 400-level literature electives, students choosing the journalism concentration must take five journalism courses comprised of three required courses and two electives.

English Requirements(15 credits)
EN-210Survey of American Literature I3
or EN-211 Survey of American Literature II
EN-220Survey of English Literature I3
EN-221Survey of English Literature II3
EN-255Methods of Literary Study3
EN-360Shakespeare I3
Literature Electives(6 credits)
Select two 300- or 400-level literature electives6
Journalism Requirements(9 credits)
EN-107Journalism and Democracy3
EN-272News Reporting and Writing I3
EN-416Media Law and Ethics3
Journalism Electives(6 credits)
Select 2 electives from the following:6
Journalism: Feature Writing
Journalism: Editing
News Reporting and Writing II
Practicum in Journalism
Narrative Journalism
Opinion Writing
Internship in English
Total Credits36


The following are prerequisites for every journalism course except EN-270, which has only EN-102 (or equivalent LASC course) as a prerequisite:
College Writing II (or equivalent LASC course)
Journalism and Democracy
News Reporting and Writing I
Total Credits0