Student Employment

Federal Work-Study Program

The Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) is a need-based program that provides federally subsidized employment opportunities on campus for enrolled students. A student’s financial aid offer letter indicates the FWS award and maximum earnings limit, typically $1,800, depending on availability of funds and individual need. Students are paid only for hours actually worked. The FWS wage rate is variable depending on placement. FWS earnings are not applied directly to the student’s tuition account without the student’s written consent. These earnings are paid directly to the student. Students employed under the FWS Program are not eligible for unemployment compensation benefits or worker’s compensation for on-the-job accidents. Students are encouraged to participate in employment that complements and reinforces their educational goals.

Other On-Campus Employment

Some departments on campus offer part-time jobs to students. View Worcester State's "Employment Opportunities" page for available jobs (see the "Student" section). Students are encouraged to view their financial aid offer letter to see if they qualify for FWS funding before applying for these non-FWS jobs.