Incomplete – Administrative Entry

When circumstances prevent a student from completing a course on time (e.g., illness), the student is responsible for requesting an “incomplete.” The professor may grant an incomplete provided the student had completed a substantial portion of the course requirements. The student must make arrangements with the professor to complete the course within six weeks of the beginning of the next semester. The official calendar for the year indicates the date to resolve incompletes from the previous term. If the requirements are not met within the appropriate period, the incomplete will automatically become a “U,” and is so recorded on the student’s permanent record. An extension of an incomplete for one semester may be granted if circumstances still prevent the student from completing the course. In such cases, the student is responsible for obtaining the approval of the professor who must notify the Registrar in writing of his/her approval prior to the end of the initial six week period. With regard to the extension of an incomplete, the required course work must be completed by the student prior to the beginning of the final examination period of the semester immediately following the one in which the incomplete was originally issued. The instructor will then have five working days within which to submit a final grade to the Registrar.