Global Perspectives (GP)

(3 credits)

Students must complete one 3-credit course.

Courses in this area:

  • Study the culture, history, or language of a nation or geopolitical area other than the U.S.
  • Consider culture, power, and place in phenomena such as globalization, cultural colonialism, transnationalism, and human rights.
  • Investigate issues about the environment and sustainable development in phenomena such as the use of natural resources and macroeconomic problems that affect people and ecosystems around the world.
  • Study governance, peace, and justice in a global context.
  • Analyze the international political economy in relation to governments, enterprises, societal groups, and communities from different countries.
  • Consider issues such as race, class, gender, age, sexuality, language, ability, indigeneity, transnational labor, and refugee migration.
AR-118Global Art History3
AR-140Drawing Fundamentals3
AR-165Creating Cultural Forms3
AR-215Topics in Art3
AR-225Art Since Mid-20th Century3
AR-2353D Sculpture Studio3
AS-101Introduction to Asian Studies3
BI-112Diseases and Mankind3
BI-114Plants and Human Affairs3
BI-130Field Biology4
EC-308International Trade3
ED-271International and Comparative Education3
EN-132World Literature3
EN-167Literature and Human Rights3
EN-172Women and Literature3
EN-174Women Poets3
EN-240Survey of Postcolonial and Transcultural Literature3
EN-348Postcolonial Women's Writing3
FR-101Beginning French I3
FR-102Beginning French II3
FR-210Intermediate French I3
FR-211Intermediate French II3
FR-341Introduction to French Literature3
FR-346Twentieth Century French Literature3
GE-102Human Geography3
GE-255Geography of Africa3
HC-202Introduction to Global Health3
HC-203Introduction to Epidemiology3
HC-340Global Perspective in Public Health3
HE-350Community Health Education3
HI-103Connecting Ancient Worlds: World History to 15003
HI-104Age of Empires: World History 1500 to the Present3
HI-105Modern World History3
HI-155World History Through Film3
HI-204History of Science and Technology3
HI-214Modern Latin America3
HI-237Modern Far East History II3
HI-241English Constitutional History3
HI-248Seminar on Globalization & Human Rights3
HI-251Roots of China's Rise: Reform, Revolution and Reinvention3
HI-255Faculty-Led Study Abroad: China Cultural Immersion3
HI-261Middle East History I3
HI-262Middle East History Ii: the Ottoman Empire, 1289-19203
HI-263US-Middle East Relations3
HI-278African History Before 18003
HI-279African History Since 18003
HI-280Introduction to African Diaspora History3
HI-31420th Century Middle East History3
HI-318Ethnic Identities in China3
HI-335Imperial Crossroads of Modern East Asia3
HI-337Travels in Asia3
HI-373African Immigration in the 20th Century3
HI-390World History for Educators4
HR-100Introduction to Human Rights and Social3
IS-100Introduction to African and African Diaspora Studies3
MU-222African Drumming0.5-3
NU-357Global Perspectives in Health3
PH-170Introduction to Asian Philosophy3
PH-171Buddhist Philosophy3
PH-172Chinese Philosophy3
PH-177Introduction to Latin American Philosophy3
PH-221Existentialism and Phenomenology3
PH-241Genocide and Human Rights3
PH-250Global Feminisms3
PH-251Mass Violence Against Women3
PH-263Film and Philosophy3
PH-360Philosophy of History3
PO-120Global Politics3
PO-201International Relations Theory3
PO-203Gender, War and Peace3
PO-205Poverty and Development3
PO-220European Politics3
PO-221Asian Politics3
PO-222Latin American Politics3
PO-224Middle Eastern Politics3
PO-240The United Nations and Global Governance3
PO-241English Constitutional History3
PO-301International Law3
SO-230Political Sociology3
SO-270Social Theory I3
SO-320Sociology of Race and Ethnicity3
SO-332Contemporary Immigrant Experiences3
SO-425Global Capitalism3
SP-101Beginning Spanish I3
SP-102Beginning Spanish II3
SP-191Special Topics in Spanish3
SP-210Intermediate Spanish I3
SP-211Intermediate Spanish II3
SP-292Spanish for Women's Health3
SP-294Spanish for the Nutrition and Dietitian Professional3
SP-326Spanish for the Professions3
SP-332Cultures of Latin America3
SP-333Hispanic Presence in US3
TH-235History of Theatre3
UR-280The Queer City3
UR-285Urban Anthropology3
UR-290Gender and the City3
UR-319Transportation Planning3
UR-332Global Cities3
WL-101Beginning World Language3
WL-102Beginning World Language II3