Academic Reprieve Policy

The Academic Reprieve Policy applies to former Worcester State University students returning to complete baccalaureate degree programs a minimum of two academic years after their last completed semester at Worcester State University. This policy is designed to facilitate program completion for students whose previous academic records were so poor as to put them in jeopardy of academic probation or dismissal immediately upon readmission. The GPA may be reprieved up to a 3.0. A student may exercise this academic reprieve option only once.

A student meeting criteria for eligibility must file a petition form, available in the Office of the Registrar, requesting reprieve of eligible course work at Worcester State University, either at the time of readmission or before the close of the first semester of re-enrollment.  Credit for courses in the student’s major is contingent upon approval by the Department Chair. None of the grades associated with courses given credit under the academic reprieve policy will be calculated in the student’s GPA; however, all course work will be recorded on the transcript. A student selecting the reprieve option will be required to meet degree requirements of the catalog in effect on the date of the student’s application for readmission. Those electing the reprieve option may qualify for honors at graduation upon the completion of a minimum of 48 graded credits. All approved academic reprieve students should check with the Financial Aid Office to see whether their reprieve will be recognized for financial aid purposes.