Creative Arts (CA)

(3 credits)

Students must complete one course.

Courses in this area:

  • Encourage recognition that artistic expression varies from one society and culture to another.
  • Explore different traditions, styles and historical periods in the arts.
  • Promote freedom of expression and tolerance of divergent viewpoints.
  • Consider the importance of aesthetics and instill an awareness of how the arts improve the quality of life.
  • Enable each student to cultivate his/her/their creative potential.
  • Teach the terminology, techniques and skills that comprise the arts in order to provide the framework for informed creativity.
AR-100Cross Media Studio3
AR-118Global Art History3
AR-123Design Fundamentals3
AR-130Painting I3
AR-140Drawing Fundamentals3
AR-150Life Studio I3
AR-165Creating Cultural Forms3
AR-210Drawing and Painting Studio3
AR-215Topics in Art3
AR-225Art Since Mid-20th Century3
AR-2353D Sculpture Studio3
AR-260Visual Arts in the Schools3
AR-270Driftwood to Dumpsters3
AR-285History of Photography3
AR-405Thesis Seminar3
CM-150Photography I3
CM-151Introduction to Digital Photography3
CM-241Understanding Movies3
CM-242Understanding Video Games3
CM-259Television Production3
CM-260Introduction to Video3
CM-285History of Photography3
CM-315Social Media3
CM-360Television Production II3
CM-396Video Editing3
ED-348Teaching Children's Literature3
EN-165Oral Literature: the Art of Storytelling3
EN-168Film and Literature3
EN-256Creative Writing: Fiction3
EN-257The Power of Memoir3
EN-258Creative Writing: Nonfiction3
EN-260Creative Writing: Poetry I3
EN-262Creative Writing: Poetry II3
EN-268Journalism: Feature Writing3
EN-353Narrative Journalism3
HE-140Creative Arts and Health3
HI-375Popular Music and Performance in Modern Africa3
MU-101Fundamentals of Music and Aural Skills3
MU-104Class Piano1
MU-115Music Appreciation3
MU-125Jazz Appreciation3
MU-140World Music3
MU-185Composition I3
MU-205Music Theory I3
MU-215Chorus and Music Theory3
MU-222African Drumming0.5-3
MU-228Piano Ensemble1
MU-231Women in Music3
MU-237Music in the Elementary School3
MU-250Music of the Cinema:Spectacle, Splendor, And Spielberg3
MU-280History of Music3
MU-305Music Theory II3
MU-321Small Ensemble0.5-1
MU-326Chamber Orchestra0.5-3
NH-257The Power of Memoir for Narratives of Health and Medicine3
NH-260Creative Writing: Poetry I for Narratives of Health and Medicine3
PH-262Philosophy of Art3
SO-235Music and Social Change3
SP-331Spanish Civilization3
TH-126Script Analysis3
TH-145Acting I3
TH-175Introduction to Stagecraft3
TH-191Introduction to the Theatre3
TH-263Concepts of Theatre Design3
TH-270History of American Entertainment I3
TH-271History of American Entertainment II3
TH-272History of Costume3
TH-274Stage Management3
TH-290Theatre for Young Audiences3
TH-292Applied Theatre and Community Engagement3
TH-321Rehearsal and Performance3
TH-348Stage Combat3
TH-360Scenic Design for Theatre3
TH-370Costume Design for Theatre3
TH-390Lighting Design for Theatre3
VP-200Critical Thinking in the Arts3
VP-210Contemporary Dance Styles I3