DHE Massachusetts High School Unit Requirements (Academic Courses)

Subject Units
English 4
Mathematics 4 (Algebra I & II and Geometry or Trigonometry, or comparable coursework and math in the senior year)
Natural Science 3 (including 3 with lab)
Social Science 2 (including U.S. History)
Foreign Language 2 (in a single language)
Electives 2

Minimum Grade Point Average in Required Courses

The grades earned in academic courses are re-calculated into a grade point average (GPA). In re-calculating GPA, extra weight is received for honors (0.5) and Advanced Placement (1.0) courses. Non-academic courses are not included; therefore, the GPA calculated by Worcester State may be different than the GPA calculated by a high school.

Grades will be converted to a 4.0 scale, where “A” = 4.0, “B” = 3.0, “C” = 2.0, and “D” = 1.0. On this scale, a 3.0 GPA is equal to a “B” average. A 3.0 minimum GPA is required unless the student attains one of the GPA/SAT combinations listed in the chart below.

SAT or ACT Test Requirement

Worcester State University no longer requires the submission of SAT or ACT scores. First-year applicants may opt-out from submitting SAT or ACT scores. Refer to our test-optional policy at http://www.worcester.edu/test-optional.  The decision to not submit SAT or ACT scores will not negatively impact a student's consideration for admission, merit award or an honors invitation.

For students who choose to submit test scores, Worcester State will accept unofficial SAT or ACT scores as part of the admissions process from applicants who have attended high school in the United States.  The essay/writing scores are not required.  Official SAT or ACT scores will be required (if available) as part of the enrollment process. Students may self-report their test scores on the admissions application or by providing a screen shot of their score report.  Official test scores include those sent directly by the testing agency or by a school counselor. For students with a recalculated high school grade point average above a 3.0, no minimum SAT or ACT score is needed.  However, for those applicants whose recalculated high school grade point average below a 3.0, the following table may be used in determining eligibility for admission:

2.51-2.99 990 19
2.41-2.50 1030 20
2.31-2.40 1070 21
2.21-2.30 1110 22
2.11-2.20 1140 23
2.00-2.10 1180 24

Based on highest Evidenced-based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Math (M) Score.


No applicant with a recalculated high school GPA less than 2.00 will be admitted to a state university.

NOTE: The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Scale is subject to change. Students who have graduated from high school more than three years ago and have never attended college should apply as non-traditional students (see section on next page) and may present SAT/ACT scores at their option.