Visual and Performing Arts Major

Aligning itself with the evolving needs of the current arts world, Worcester State University offers its visual and performing arts students a Major in Interdisciplinary Visual and Performing Arts, one of the few interdisciplinary arts majors in the country. With this major, students go beyond the regular art, music, and theatre coursework to understand the larger world of visual and performing arts. WSU’s VPA major allows students to gain an interdisciplinary view of the arts while also gaining an in-depth knowledge of their preferred art form. This interdisciplinary approach teaches students how to use one art form to inform the other.

Students who select a VPA Major also select a concentration in Art, Music or Theatre. Core courses promote critical thinking, and prepare students intellectually and creatively to complete their capstone/senior thesis projects and launch careers in the arts. Students apply their coursework to the production, performance, and critical study of creative work through a multitude of exhibit and performance opportunities.

Students must complete the foundation courses plus the course required for a concentration in Art, Music or Theatre.

Requirements for a VPA Major – Foundation Courses

Minimum requirement for the major is completion of a three course (9 credit) Foundation curriculum, a three course (9 credit) Interdisciplinary Core, and 27 credits in one of three concentrations. Students will declare a concentration in Art, Music, or Theatre.

Interdisciplinary Foundation Courses(18 credits)
Foundation in Art
AR-113World Art Survey II3
or AR-100 Cross Media Studio
Foundation in Music
Select one of the following:3
Music Fundamentals
Fundamentals of Music and Aural Skills
Applied Music
Music Appreciation
Foundation in Theatre
TH-191Introduction to the Theatre3
Interdisciplinary Core Courses
VP-200Critical Thinking in the Arts3
VP-300Interdisciplinary Arts Seminar3
VP-400Arts Capstone/Senior Thesis3
Total Credits18