Business Administration Major, Concentration in Finance

Requirements for Major in Business Administration, Concentration in Finance:

The common Business Core together with four additional courses in the field of Finance chosen with the assistance of the advisor from the list that follows:

Ancillary Courses(15-16 credits)
EC-110Introduction to Microeconomics3
EC-120Introduction to Macroeconomics3
EN-253Business Communications3
MA-150Statistics I3
or EC-150 Statistics
MA-202Business Calculus3-4
or EC-202 Introduction to Mathematical Economics
Common Business Core(36 credits)
Lower Division
BA-200Principles of Management3
BA-210Financial Accounting I3
BA-220Financial Accounting II3
BA-230Managerial Accounting3
BA-250Analytical Techniques in Business3
Upper Division
BA-305Organizational Behavior3
BA-312Operations Management I3
BA-316Financial Management3
BA-318Principles of Marketing3
BA-350Business Information Systems and Applications3
BA-320Business Law I3
or BA-480 The Legal Environment of Business
BA-490Business Strategy and Policy3
Finance Electives(12 credits)
BA-404Corporate Finance3
Select three of the following:9
Insurance and Risk Management
Real Estate Investment
Investment Analysis
Internship in Business Administration (related to finance)
Money, Banking, and Monetary Policy
International Finance
Total Credits63-64

Students are required to meet with their academic advisor to review their courses for the upcoming semester. A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation.  First-year and transfer students with 45 or fewer credits at the time of admission shall complete two academic programs (a major/major or major/minor) to qualify for graduation.  For more information, please view the MajorPlus section of this catalog.