Pre-Law Minor

Requirements for the Pre-Law Minor:

Required courses(6 credits)
PO-150Foundations of Legal Studies3
or PH-110 Critical Thinking
PH-231Philosophy of Law3
or PH-151 Race, Gender, and the Law
Constitutional Law(6 credits)
Take 2 courses from the following:6
Constitutional Law of Government Powers And Constraints
Constitutional Law of Civil Rights and Liberties
International Law
Electives/Experiential Learning(6 credits)
Take 2 courses from the following:
PH-130Ethics: Human Conduct & Values6
or PH-133 Social and Political Ethics
or PH-240 Political Theory
or PH-241 Genocide and Human Rights
or PO-217 The U.S. Congress
or PO-441 Internship in Pre-Law
or HI-241 English Constitutional History
or HI-320 Citizen Nation
or HI-420 Seminar in Constitutional History
or CJ-205 American Judicial System
or BA-320 Business Law I
Law & Marginalized Groups(3 credits)
PH-151Race, Gender, and the Law3
or PO-319 Constitutional Law of Civil Rights and Liberties
A student may substitute an appropriate course approved by the Pre-Law Advisor
Total Credits27

In addition to the Pre-Law Minor, WSU has multiple 3+3 Law Degree Agreements, with the UMass School of Law and the Western New England University School of Law.  More information about these programs can be found at